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Counter-depth refrigerators offer a sleeker look, but at a high cost

Counter-depth refrigerators, which stand flush with the edge of kitchen cabinets and counters, offer the sleek look of a built-in fridge for far less money. However, they're still more expensive than most standard-depth fridges, and they have less usable space. Still, if you're willing to shell out the extra cash, it's possible to find a counter-depth fridge that performs well. One particular standout in reviews is the LG LFX25991ST (Est. $3,500) , a French-door model with 24.5 cubic feet of space (although professional testers say the usable space is more like 14 cubic feet). Two separate professional tests show that this LG fridge is great at maintaining a constant temperature, although that temperature may not be even throughout the entire fridge or freezer section. Reviewers give the fridge high marks for ease of use, too: The tilting freezer door pulls out easily, and the digital touchpad controls are easy to read. Other features include an external ice and water dispenser, gallon storage in the door and an Energy Star rating. Another plus is the warranty, which covers the whole unit for one year, the sealed system for five, and the linear compressor for 10.

We found over 200 reviews for the LG refrigerator at retail sites, most of them very positive. Users love its sleek design, quiet operation and useful features. They say the interior space is well organized, too, with no hard-to-reach spots and a freezer that can accommodate full-size pizza boxes. Overall, about 95 percent of buyers say they would recommend this refrigerator, despite its high price tag.

A less expensive option is the Bosch B22CS50SNW . This 36-inch-wide side-by-side refrigerator has a stated capacity of 21.7 cubic feet, although professional reviewers say it offers only 14.5 cubic feet of usable space. Its test scores for temperature control aren't quite as good as the LG's, but it gets equally good marks for efficiency, quietness and ease of use. The refrigerator is Energy Star-certified and comes with an external ice and water dispenser, touchpad controls and pull-out shelves (though they aren't spill-proof).

We found only a few reviews for the Bosch B22CS50SNW at retail sites. Most of them were positive, with praise for the fridge's looks, quiet operation and intuitive controls. However, the 30-plus reviews we found at the manufacturer's website were more negative. There are many complaints about durability, including broken or damaged shelves, problems with the ice and water dispenser and ice buildup in the freezer. The refrigerator is backed by a standard one-year warranty, but customers generally aren't very impressed with the service Bosch provides.

LG LFX25991ST 24.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Smart Cooling Plus
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