Bottom Line

The 14.6 cubic foot GE GTE15CTHRWW is doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but, for the price, owners don't care. It also does well in professional testing. The GTE15CTHRWW comes in three colors, white, black and bisque. It also comes in a larger size, as the GE GTE18CTHWW (Est. $630) [], which also adds an additional color option -- silver.

ProsConsistent temperatures, Adjustable storage, Energy Star qualified, Small footprintConsIcemaker is optional, No separate freezer control

Breaking it down


Basic, but practical options. There's not much to write home about, features-wise, on the 14.6 cubic foot GE GTE15CTHRWW, but reviewers don't seem to mind, and what it does have, they appreciate. Quite a few owners note that they love that such a small fridge has the option to store gallon-sized jugs right in the door. The door has two non-adjustable shelves and a butter compartment. The main fridge has two adjustable wire shelves, two crisper drawers and a solid top on the drawer for additional space. In spite of its rather small size, many note that it seems roomier than its exterior would indicate. The larger, 17.5 cubic foot GE GTE18CTHWW has an additional, narrow shelf in the door. The freezers on both models have just one wire shelf and both have a 4 cubic foot capacity. Neither have an icemaker, but the GE IM4D Icemaker Kit (Est. $90) [] makes it easy to add one.


Gets cold fast and stays that way. Owners rave about how quickly the GE GTE15CTHWW gets cold after it's installed -- and how the excellent air circulation helps keep it consistently cold, and helps it to get back to temperature after the door's been opened. The GTE15CTHWW does well in professional tests too, earning a Very Good for temperature performance, on a par with other refrigerators costing far more. Even better, it earns an Excellent rating for energy efficiency. The GTE15CTHWW and its bigger, 17.6 cubic foot sibling are both Energy Star qualified with an estimated operating cost of $40 and $43 per year, respectively.

Ease of use

Not much to fiddle with. Since there aren't really any fancy features on the GE GTE15CTHWW, there's really nothing to make it difficult to use. The aforementioned professional test site dings it for having only a single temperature control, but owners don't seem to see that as a drawback, in fact, several note that they like that simple operation. We also saw no complaints of not being able to get both compartments to the right setting. One caveat: we cover the smaller version of this fridge here because it was the one that was tested; however, it may be too small for even a family of four -- and we did see a few complaints from taller owners who said they felt like giants next to it. Unless your residence only has space for a small fridge, or you only need a small refrigerator or a second fridge, you may want to consider the 17.5 cubic foot GE GTE15CTHWW, which is identical except for size.


Plenty of finish options. We saw a lot of praise from owners saying the GE GTE15CTHWW as a nice-looking fridge with clean lines. The GTE15CTHWW comes in white, black and bisque, the GTE18CTHWW comes in silver as well. The silver will run you about $50 more, but the other color versions are all the same price.

Our Sources


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GE GTE15CTHRWW, Contributors to, As of April 2016 has more than 45 reviews of the GE GTE15CTHRWW, which earns an overall score of 4.6 out of 5, making it one of the highest-rated refrigerators at this site. Ninety-six percent would recommend the fridge. Elsewhere, its larger sibling, the GE GTE18CTHWW, gets 4.2 stars; 85 percent recommendation. It appears that all of the reviews for both fridges are culled from the GE website.


GE GTE15CTHRWW 14.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator - White, Contributors to, As of April 2016

While the majority of the 48 reviews at are also culled from the GE website, there are a handful of original reviews by verified purchasers of the GTE15CTHRWW. All of them express high satisfaction with this fridge and say it runs well. also carries the larger, GTE18CTHWW, which earns middling scores from the few unique (non-GE website) reviewers, although they complain about different issues and one clearly does not understand that the door can be installed to open either right or left.