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Replacement window best suited for warm climates

Experts say aluminum replacement windows have many advantages. They are lightweight yet very strong, and they can withstand high winds as well as temperature extremes. However, aluminum is not a good choice for coastal regions because the salt air can corrode it, experts say. Aluminum replacement windows cost about the same as vinyl windows and they need no regular maintenance, although they can be painted.

Unlike other replacement windows, aluminum is not a good insulator. In colder regions of the country, this can result in condensation forming on interior surfaces. To combat this, homeowners should look for thermal break-frame windows, which have a non-heat-conductive material separating the aluminum exterior and interior of the frame. However, according to, thermal-break aluminum windows may not prevent heat loss as well as other types of windows do, making aluminum replacement windows more appropriate for warm climates. Major manufacturers include Milgard, Jeld-Wen, Atrium Door and Window, PGT Industries and Regal Aluminum.

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