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Replacement Windows Reviews and Research

Total of 20 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
Nov. 2009
Windows: Clear Choices
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org offers a good, if brief, overview of replacement windows and publishes the results of its tests of 19 replacement windows (subscribers only). Fiberglass and clad-wood windows outperformed vinyl ones, though vinyl windows are "inexpensive and convenient." Editors also offer advice on how to choose an installer.
2. Fine Homebuilding
Oct./Nov. 2004
Get the Right Replacement
by Daniel S. Morrison
Our AssessmentThough it's fairly old, this buyer's guide remains an excellent resource. It details the pros and cons of different window materials and of replacing windows and sashes. The guide also explains the information found on window labels and gives advice about what kind of warranty to look for. The visuals here are very helpful.
3. This Old House
Not Dated
Improving or Replacing Windows in Existing Homes
by Editors of EfficientWindows.org
Our AssessmentThe Efficient Windows Collaborative website is a joint project of the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota, the Alliance to Save Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The site is full of useful information about how to choose the best replacement windows for your climate and how to make sure they are installed properly. There's also a section with information about state, local and utility rebates and incentives for improving your home's energy efficiency.
4. HGTVPro.com
Not Dated
Choosing and Installing Replacement Windows
by Rob Fanjoy
Our AssessmentRob Fanjoy discusses replacement options, window materials and how to determine what manufacturer offers the best product. The site also features how-to guides on window installation and other resources for those shopping for replacement windows.
by Editors of National Fenestration Rating Council
Our AssessmentThe National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is an independent organization that tests doors, windows and skylights, and rates them on several measures of energy efficiency (Energy Star qualification is based on two of the NFRC ratings). The NFRC fact sheets and a directory of NFRC-certified products are especially useful.
6. HomeTips.com
Not Dated
Windows: A Buying Guide
by Editors of HomeTips.com
Our AssessmentThis buying guide describing window materials and styles is one of dozens of articles about windows offered on this site. Links at the bottom of the page lead to other useful articles.
Not Dated
Residential Windows, Doors and Skylights for Consumers
by Editors of EnergyStar.gov
Our AssessmentThis website, run by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, offers information about how windows, doors and skylights qualify as Energy Star products and what the Energy Star label means. It also has general advice about buying windows and finding an installer, and links to sites with information about federal or state tax incentives for installing energy-efficient windows.
8. Green Home Guide
As of March 2011
by Contributors to GreenHomeGuide.com
Our AssessmentBuilding pros answer questions from readers in this forum. A search under the topic "windows" brings up a series of questions and answers about how green and/or energy efficient different types of windows are and how to improve existing windows' performance.
9. CostHelper.com
As of March 2011
Replacement Windows Cost
by Editors of CostHelper.com
Our AssessmentThis useful article on replacement windows provides figures on how much they typically cost. However, the most helpful feature on the site are the posts from owners, reporting what type and brand of replacement windows they recently bought, how much they paid, who installed the windows and how satisfied they are. About 20 posts are shown, all from 2010.
10. Lowes.com
Not Dated
Choosing New or Replacement Windows
by Editors of Lowes.com
Our AssessmentThis buyer's guide is thorough and useful, describing different windows types, materials, hardware, glass and other features. There are links to other window-related articles, including a how-to guide for installing windows.
11. AskTheBuilder.com
Not Dated
Best Windows
by Tim Carter
Our AssessmentTim Carter advises window buyers to look for certification from both the NFRC and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, which certifies the quality of the materials used to manufacture the window, as well as the quality of its construction. There is lots of useful information about window replacement on this site.
12. DIY Network
Not Dated
How to Install a Replacement Window
by Editors of DIYNetwork.com
Our AssessmentThis instructional guide includes a video overview and demonstrates how to replace a double-hung window. Other instructions on the site show you how to install a window sash replacement kit, how to repair and repaint old window sashes and more.
13. DoItYourself.com
Not Dated
Window Replacement and Installation
by Editors of DoItYourself.com
Our AssessmentThis site has dozens of instructional guides relating to windows, listed in alphabetical order, which makes it easy to find what you need.
14. Contractor Talk
As of March 2011
Windows, Siding and Doors
by Contributors to ContractorTalk.com
Our AssessmentContractors discuss their experiences with different types and brands of windows in this online forum. This is a great site to look for specific information and opinions from people with experience in the building industry.
15. ThatHome Site.com
As of March 2011
Windows Forum
by Contributors to ThatHomeSite.com
Our AssessmentHomeowners discuss and ask questions here; you can post your own question or search for information about specific windows or types of windows. It can be a little hard to sort through some back-and-forth and find information you can trust, but it's worth reading.
16. About.com
Not Dated
Replacement Windows: a Definitive Guide
by Lee Wallender
Our AssessmentAbout.com's guide to home renovations, Lee Wallender, offers advice on replacing windows, how to shop for quality replacement windows and how to find the best installer. The information here is rather general and sometimes contradicts advice given on other sites. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
17. About.com
Not Dated
Vinyl or Wood Replacement Windows?
by Lee Wallender
Our AssessmentThe relative advantages and disadvantages of clad-wood and vinyl replacement windows are discussed. The discussion is useful as a general guide, but with few specifics. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
18. CalFinder.com
Not Dated
Window Types
by Editors of CalFinder.com
Our AssessmentDifferent types of windows including casement, double-hung, awning and picture windows are described along with the pros and cons of each type. CalFinder is a nationwide service that connects people with local contractors and provides online resources, as well as a magazine with information about different aspects of remodeling homes.
19. HomeDepot.com
Not Dated
Buying Guide: Windows
by Editors of HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentThis buying guide from HomeDepot.com offers basic information about different window materials and designs, but does not provide specific pros and cons.
20. HowToDoThings.com
Not Dated
How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home
by Danny Lipford
Our AssessmentIn this short video, home improvement expert Danny Lipford explains how to choose a replacement window that will improve your home's energy efficiency and increase its resale value. Other videos and articles on this site address similar issues.
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