Trek 1.1 Review

Updated May 31, 2013
Trek 1.1
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An excellent budget-priced racer, the aluminum Trek 1.1 has a short wheelbase that makes it fast and fun to ride. Components include Shimano 2300 gearing, alloy brakes, and Bontrager wheels and tires. Reviewers say the Trek 1.1 is a good road bike for beginners and casual cyclists.


Trek DNA at heart. According to Bicycling Magazine's 2012 Buyer's Guide, "with Trek's name on the down tube, riders can rest assured that even the baby of the bunch shares some of the same DNA as its better-appointed siblings." Editors say the Shimano 2300 derailleurs and STI shifters are a reliable eight-speed drivetrain option.

  • Handles well
  • Lightweight for the price
  • Eight frame sizes
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Tires could use an upgrade
  • Iffy durability

While many testers find that the Shimano 2300 shifting componentry works well, some wish the Trek 1.1 came with the option for a triple crankset; three front chain rings are common on budget road bikes. editors say, "less keen climbers or those returning to cycling might appreciate a lower bottom gear for tackling severe climbs more comfortably, while the top gear won't please power pedalers." Some users say shifting can be a bit finicky and suggest the 2300's initial performance may decline over time. reports that the Trek's short wheelbase "contributes to some sharp handling, though some toe overlap could result," adding that the wheelbase and light weight make the bike fast and nimble without twitchy handling. However, editors would like to a see a little more weight reduction, such as adding a carbon fork.

Some owners complain that the Trek 1.1's stock tires need more grip and traction, especially in tight corners and turns.


Needs a few upgrades. Experts call the Trek 1.1 a great value, saying the ride is smoother and more race-oriented than the price would suggest. Testers find the bike fun to ride and it comes in eight sizes, making it easy to obtain a precise fit. The rear-rack braze-on mounts and fender tabs built into the aluminum fork make it easy to accessorize this bike for light touring or commuting, according to Bicycling Magazine.

On the downside, one owner says, "the stock pedals are terrible, I upgraded to egg beaters within a week of having the bike." Another calls the stock seat "terrible," preferring an $8 alternative.


Iffy durability. While several customers find that the factory tires didn't last long, one rider had problems with several components. "I've had the bike for 7 months and have had a derailleur fall off, grip tape completely went to shreds, a flat tube every 150 miles," he explains.

At, another owner describes his experience switching wheels as he kept breaking spokes. However, he admits to weighing more than 270 pounds and road bikes aren't meant to hold such large riders. Another user posts at Bicycling Magazine's website that the Trek 1.1's hub cracked during a ride.

Customer Service

Frames for a lifetime. All Trek bicycles are sold exclusively through authorized dealers and specs can be personalized when ordering through Trek's Project One custom program. Warranty limits include lifetime on frames for the original owner; three years for aluminum frames; and two years on carbon frames, swing arms and Bontrager forks and components. Customer service reviews are mostly positive, especially experiences at Trek "superstores."

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