Friendly Robotics Robomower RL850
Friendly Robotics Robomower RL850

Best-value robotic lawn mower

It's hard to make a strong case for robotic mowers at this point. Prices start at $1,000, and even then, owners say robotic models don't live up to their promise. Even with the $1,600 Robomower RL850, it will take you the better part of a weekend to set up the perimeter wires (which tell the mower where to go), and mowing a lawn with the Robomower takes twice as long as with a regular lawnmower. Plus, we read the same durability and maintenance concerns we've seen for regular mowers. Still, owners really want to love robotic lawn mowers, and the appeal is alluring. Even owners who aren't entirely happy with the Robomower RL850 say it's great fun to sit on the deck and watch their little robot wander around the yard. Lots of owners name their Robomowers. And while expensive, robotic lawnmowers are the safest type of mower because you don't have to be anywhere near it while it's mowing (manufacturers don't recommend unattended mowing, however, further cutting down on convenience).
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