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Friendly Robotics Robomower RL1000

*Est. $2,100
May 2010
by ConsumerSearch
Friendly Robotics RoboMower RL1000

  • Fully automatic, programmable
  • Mulches leaves
  • Two-year warranty
  • Can mow almost half an acre
  • Rain sensor
  • Only for slopes up to 15 degrees
  • Heavy
  • Powered by lead-acid batteries
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The Robomower RL1000 can keep an average lawn (up to around a half-acre) mowed. Users can program it to mow on a schedule, but initial setup requires laying down perimeter wires so the mower knows its boundaries. It's also reasonably priced for a robotic mower that can cover this much area, but it's still very expensive compared with standard mowers. And as with all robotic lawn mowers, we found little reviewer support. Quite a few sites have overviews, but not objective reviews.

We found the best review of the Robomower RL1000 at, written by a retailer that has tried this model and compares it with others. tests the RL1000 but doesn't document its testing procedures or compare it with more than one other robotic lawn mower. We found quite a few detailed reviews -- based on owners' and journalists' personal experience with the RL1000 or similar Robomower models -- that were published by sources as diverse as,, and

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This site reviews the Robomower RL1000, rating it 3 out of 5. The review is thorough and detailed, based on editors' experience with this robotic mower. The bottom line, according to this review: The RL1000 "will tirelessly and dependably trim your lawn for youÉ but it would be great if it could last a little longer." The editors say this robotic lawn mower will last about two or three years, though it's not clear what they base this estimate on.

Review: Robotic Mowers, Editors of


Just over a dozen owners review the Robomower RL1000 here, giving it an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. More owners are satisfied than not (especially those whose reviews are more recent), but some complaints emphasize the need to buy from a retailer with good technical support, and to anticipate that ongoing maintenance and replacement parts will be necessary.

Review: Friendly Robotics Robomower RL1000, Contributors to


Almost 30 users post reviews of different Robomower models here. Several review the RL1000 specifically, and more users complain about it -- mostly for the expense of shipping it to have it serviced -- than give it good marks. One owner says that he has put more than 250 hours on his RL1000 and that it still works perfectly, even mowing his lawn while he was on vacation.

Review: Friendly Robotics Robomower, Contributors to


This review is undated, but it appears to be fairly recent, because it mentions features that the RL1000 didn't have a couple of years ago. The reviewer discusses each feature in detail, and concludes that "if you compare the cost associated with other lawn mower products and services then it is definitely a must tool to have in your lawn." At the end of the review there's a YouTube video that shows the RL1000 in action.

Review: RL1000 Robomower Review -- Robotic Lawn Mower, Editor of

5. tests the Robomower RL1000 and the LawnBott LB3200 Evolution. No details are given about the initial setup or test conditions. Performance and safety are briefly discussed.

Review: Robotic Mowers: Close Up, Contributors to, May 2008


This detailed hands-on review of the Friendly Robotics Robomower RL1000 is written by a retailer, but the review is balanced, detailed and critical. Unfortunately, it's a little out of date, based on the RL1000's 2006 software. It does provide a good overview of the RL1000's features.

Review: Robomower RL1000 Review, Kerry Clabaugh

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