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LawnBott LB 2150 Professional

*Est. $2,600
May 2010
by ConsumerSearch
LawnBott LB 2150 Professional

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight
  • Mows lots that are up to about three-fourths of an acre
  • Handles slopes up to 27 degrees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • More expensive than comparable Robomower model
  • Heavier mowers handle thick grass better
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While the LawnBott LB 2150 Professional is one of the least expensive LawnBott robotic mowers, it still costs more than any Robomower model currently offered. However, the LawnBott LB 2150 Professional includes such high-end features as a longer-lasting and lightweight Li-ion battery, the ability to handle fairly steep slopes, and programmability for three separate mowing areas. This means the LawnBott LB 2150 goes out and mows one area, comes back to recharge itself, then goes back out to mow another area, and so on. We didn't find any truly objective reviews of it -- mainly write-ups penned by retailers.

There's some coverage of the LawnBott LB 2150 at retail sites and, as well as There's also a discussion forum at, and reviewed the older Professional model, the 2100, in 2008.

Our Sources

1. is a section of a larger site that also sells LawnBott mowers, but it provides thorough write-ups of all LawnBott robotic mowers. According to the LB 2110/LB 2150 review, these models have the best repair record of any mower they service. The review singles out the LB 2150 as the best budget choice of any robotic mower on the market.

Review: LawnBott Review, Editors of


This review of the LB 2110 applies to the LB 2150 as well, because the two models are identical expect for their batteries -- the 2210 has lead-acid batteries, the 2150 Li-ion. According to this reviewer, the LawnBott LB2110 "is the most trouble-free and reliable robotic lawn mower on the market." The review details its features, like blade modulation (the blade automatically speeds up or slows down according to the height and thickness of the grass), and smart spiral mode that puts the mower into a spiraling motion when extra-thick grass is encountered.

Review: LawnBott LB 2110 Robotic Mower, Editors of, September 2009


This review covers the LawnBott LB 2110 and LB 2150. A linked chart specifically compares them with the much less expensive Robomower RL1000. (According to the chart, LawnBott Professional models are superior both in performance and durability.) The review, like most, details the advanced features of the LB 2110 and LB 2150, including free software upgrade downloads.

Review: LawnBott Professional LB 2110 Robotic Lawn Mower, Editors of


This forum discussion offers news, advice and opinions about LawnBott robotic mowers, including the LB 2150 Professional.

Review: LawnBott General Forum, Contributors to


This report doesn't detail the performance of LawnBott mowers, mainly because editors discovered what they considered a safety defect: When they lifted the LawnBott while it was on, the blade did not stop immediately. This test eventually led to a recall of the tested LawnBott LB 3200 as well as the LB 2100. The problem has been fixed in new models.

Review: Robotic Mowers: Close Up, Contributors to, May 2008

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Lawnbott LB2150 Robotic Mower
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