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Robotic Lawn Mowers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 13 Sources
1. Probotics.com
Not Dated
Need Help Selecting A Robot That Will Make Your Life Easier?
by Editors of Probotics.com
Our AssessmentProbotics.com sells robotic lawn mowers, including the ones reviewed on the site, but we were impressed that the reviews are based on actual usage. They're also quite detailed, giving you a good overview of features. However, you're not going to find objective reviews or user reviews here.
2. RobotAdvice.com
Not Dated
Robotic Mowers
by Editors of RobotAdvice.com
Our AssessmentThis site has reviews of only two robotic mowers, but each is thorough and based on editors' experience with the mowers. The LawnBott LB 3250 gets a 4 out of 5 rating, while the Robomower RL1000 is rated 3 out of 5. The review notes that the LawnBott has more advanced features than the Robomower, including two Li-ion batteries and the ability to "learn" your lawn, memorizing the location of obstacles, for example. Of course, it's also vastly more expensive.
3. LawnbottReview.com
Not Dated
Reviews of LawnBott robotic mowers
by Editors of LawnBottreview.com
Our AssessmentThis site is actually part of a larger web presence that also sells LawnBott mowers, but it has good descriptions of all of the LawnBott models. No specific model is singled out as the best, but editors do say that the LB 2210/LB 2150 Professional has the best repair record of any mower they service, and that the LB 2150 is the best budget choice of any robotic mower on the market.
4. Amazon.com
As of May 2010
Robotic mowers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com publishes owner-written reviews and ratings of the robotic mowers sold here. The only two models with enough user ratings to be of value are the RL850 and RL1000. Some of the individual reviews are highly detailed and extremely specific, definitely worth reading if you're considering purchasing either mower.
5. ConsumerReports.org
July 9, 2009
Robotic Lawn Mowers Aim to Do The Lawn Care for You
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentThis post to ConsumerReports.org's Lawn and Garden Blog is available to non-subscribers. The editors criticize robotic mowers' mowing performance as well as the fact that manufacturers usually warn owners not to use them without supervising their performance, eliminating the supposed benefit of having the robot in the first place. There's a brief reference to a review, available to subscribers only, of the Husqvarna Automower 220.
6. Epinions.com
As of May 2010
Friendly Robotics Robomower
by Contributors to Epinions.com
Our AssessmentAlmost 30 users post reviews of different Robomower models here, giving it an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. The reviews date back to 2002 or so, but some are as recent as 2009. The reviews run the gamut, with some expressing complete satisfaction and others complaining of poor performance, having to replace parts often, or poor customer service.
7. Bamabots.com
Updated March 2008
Reviews of LawnBott and Robomower robotic mowers
by Kerry Clabaugh
Our AssessmentMuch of the information on this site is out of date at this point. For example, a chart that compares the costs of five robotic mowers is dated March 2008. Reviews of individual Robomower and LawnBott mowers, while quite detailed, are also dated. The models have since been renumbered, and features are no longer quite the same. Posts to the forum on the site are up to date, though. They primarily discuss different features of each brand's various models.
8. ConsumerReports.org
May 2008
Lawn Mowers
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org once tested two robotic mowers as part of its overall comparison review of lawn mowers. No details are given about the initial setup or test conditions. Editors criticize one robotic mower for cutting unevenly and for getting stuck at times. The review doesn't criticize the other robotic mower for performance or ease of use, but charges that it's unsafe under certain circumstances. None of the lawn mowers reviewed here are rated for noise or environmental impact.
9. RoboMower.biz
As of May 2010
LawnBott Robomower Robotic Lawn Mower Forums
by Contributors to RoboMower.biz
Our AssessmentLike the forum at Bamabots.com, this is another good site to check for news and the latest reviews of both LawnBott and Friendly Robotics Robomower models. Occasionally, contributors also compare one of these robotic mowers with the Husqvarna Automower. The "reviews" section of the site has in-depth reviews of all the LawnBott models.
10. The New York Times
July 15, 2009
Road Test: Cut Your Carbon Footprint Too
by Stephen Treffinger
Our AssessmentTreffinger spent a couple of days testing different types of lawn mowers that don't use gas, from a reel mower to a battery-powered push mower to a plug-in electric model. He then observed a robotic mower, the Husqvarna Solar Hybrid Automower, in action. He reports on the performance of each type of mower except the robotic mower, which he merely describes. He does report that "it can't mulch leaves."
11. The New York Times
May 15, 2008
The Hum of Summer
by Jay Romano
Our AssessmentJay Romano talks with Peter Sawchuck of ConsumerReports.org about lawn mowers and what type of mower is best for different types of lawns. At the end Romano asks Sawchuck about robotic mowers. Sawchuck replies: "They all have their quirks, and they don't provide the same quality cut as a conventional mower."
12. This Old House
March 2007
Easy Mowing
by Sal Vaglica
Our AssessmentThis brief review recommends three robotic mowers -- with the best model depending on the size of the lawn -- without mentioning any testing or usage.
13. Sears.com
As of May 2010
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentSears stocks the Robomower RL850, RL1000, RM200 and RM400 models, but only a few owners have posted reviews or ratings. More may appear over time.

Robotic Lawn Mowers Runners Up:

Friendly Robotics Robomower RM200 *Est. $900

1 pick including: Epinions.com, RoboMower.biz…

Friendly Robotics Robomower RL1000 *Est. $2,100

1 pick including: Amazon.com, Epinions.com…

LawnBott LB 2150 Professional *Est. $2,600

1 pick including: ConsumerReports.org, RoboMower.biz…

LawnBott LB 3510 *Est. $4,000

1 pick by top review sites.

Lawnbott LB2150 Robotic Mower
Buy from Amazon.com
from Amazon.com
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