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Rolling Pins: Ratings of Sources

Total of 10 Sources
1. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
Best-Tested Pie-Making Tools
by Sharon Franke
Our AssessmentSharon Franke tests 15 rolling pins and writes a short review about each one. She prefers nonstick rolling pins, putting the KitchenAid Nonstick (now discontinued) and Oxo Good Grips Rolling Pin in the two top spots. Several models are criticized for poor balance and handling, which makes this review especially useful.
2. Bon Appetit
April 2008
Rolling Pin
by Elisa Huang
Our AssessmentElisa Huang says she tested "popular" rolling pins, but we don't know how many or which brands were tested. Her testing notes mention ease of use, handle design and weight. Her three favorites are the J. K. Adams Co. French Dowel, the Sil-pin Traditional Soft Grip Rolling Pin and the Vic Firth Marble Rolling Pin. This review would rank higher if Huang divulged which rolling pins didn't make the cut.
3. Cook's Illustrated Magazine
Sept. 2005
Rolling Pins
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine
Our AssessmentThis older review compares nine rolling pins; however, five are made by the same company (Fante's), and testing isn't as inclusive as it could be. Testers use the pins to roll out delicate pie pastry, tart pastry and pizza dough. They evaluate the rolling pins on four criteria: leverage, maneuverability, effectiveness, and comfort and ease of use. Editors highly recommend the two wooden rolling pins that roll the dough quickly and don't require too much pressure. There are five they don't recommend.
4. AnnaAndKristina.com
Not Dated
Rolling Pins
by Kristina Matisic and Anna Wallner
Our AssessmentThe hosts of the well-known shopping blog and the syndicated show, "The Shopping Bags," try out five rolling pins in a ceramic studio. This article is accompanied by a buyer's guide, along with testing notes. Pins are tested primarily for comfort and ease of use. The Sil-pan Traditional Soft Grip Silicone Rolling Pin wins them over for its "smooth rolling motion" and no sticking.
5. Amazon.com
As of Jan. 2010
Rolling Pins
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentThis website sells many rolling pins, but most do not have more than 10 owner reviews. Still, Amazon.com is a good place to check user reviews once you have your choice narrowed down. Because almost all rolling pins end up with an average rating of between four and five stars, you really need to read the reviews to get a good idea of owner likes and dislikes. Fox Run Marble and Vic Firth French pins are among those receive high average ratings.
6. Cooking.com
As of Jan. 2010
Rolling Pins and Pastry Boards
by Contributors to Cooking.com
Our AssessmentThis website sells approximately 25 rolling pins, but only three have more than 10 owner reviews. And among those pins that do receive reviews, most of the feedback is entirely positive. Still, as with Amazon.com, this is a good site to check for user reviews once you narrow down your choice. A couple of pins attract larger numbers of reviews; the 10-inch RSVP International Marble Rolling Pin, the Vic Firth maple French rolling Pin and the 18-inch Norpro Black Metal Nonstick Rolling Pin are all reviewed more often than others.
7. Cook's Country
Dec. 2008
Silicone Rolling Pin
by Editors of Cook's Country magazine
Our AssessmentEditors use pie dough and sugar cookie dough to compare Sil-pin silicone rolling pins to their favorite Fante's wooden rolling pins. They say the silicone rolling pins "didn't require as much additional flour on the pin" and were easy to clean. The only drawback mentioned is silicone rolling pins cost significantly more than wooden.
8. Target.com
As of Jan. 2010
Baking Tools
by Contributors to Target.com
Our AssessmentThis well-known retailer sells eight rolling pins online, but only one has received more than two owner-written reviews. The KitchenAid Nonstick Rolling Pin (now discontinued) averages 3.5 stars from 12 owners.
9. Food & Wine Magazine
Dec. 2001
Equipment/Oxo Rolling Pin
by Monica F. Forrestall
Our AssessmentThis older review by Monica F. Forrestall is a single-product write-up for the Oxo Good Grips Rolling Pin. She likes the nonstick surface, and she says its extra weight means less force is needed than a wooden rolling pin.
10. Walmart.com
As of Jan. 2010
Rolling Pin
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentThis website sells 19 rolling pins, but only two -- one by Nordic Ware and one by Progressive International -- have received a few owner-written reviews.

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