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Vic Firth French Rolling Pin

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January 2010
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Vic Firth French Rolling Pin

French rolling pin

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to clean
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French rolling pins don't have handles. Rather, the Vic Firth rolling pin is made of a single piece of maple, with gently tapering ends. Some bakers prefer this type of rolling pin because it lets you apply more nuanced pressure, making this type of pin a good choice for rolling out especially thin dough like tortillas or dumplings. On the downside, without practice, it's also easy to apply too much pressure, resulting in too-thin dough. Still, it's basically a matter of preference which type you choose. We didn't find an overwhelming winner among this style of rolling pin. However, the Vic Firth French Rolling Pin gets excellent support in user reviews. It's also reasonably priced and easy to find in stores. We also found good reviews for the similar Fante's Wooden Rolling Pin With Tapered Ends, a model that initially looks a lot cheaper until you factor in the $6 shipping charge (it's only available online).

Although several Vic Firth rolling pins are included in professional reviews, the French version is mainly reviewed on sites that allow owners to post comments. We found the largest number at, followed by a handful at A detailed user review on a blog is also helpful.

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The nearly 80 reviews here aren't all for the French version of Vic Firth's rolling pins, and it's initially confusing to read reviews; some are for other styles. However, once you sort out the reviews for the French version, comments are uniformly good. Owners like that they can vary rolling pressure easily, and many say this pin works especially well for dumplings or tortillas, which require very thin dough.

Review: Vic Firth Maple Rolling Pins, Contributors to


There aren't as many reviews here for the Vic Firth rolling pin as there are at, but all of the owners are happy with it. One comments that it could be a bit larger, but all would recommend it to others.

Review: Maple French Rolling Pin, Contributors to


The blog post is a personal review of the Vic Firth rolling pin. While unscientific, the write-up makes a nice first-hand account of one user's experience. The user loves the way it feels, and especially likes it for making very thin dough.

Review: French Rolling Pin, Editor of

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