Asics Gel Kayano 19 (3 for 17, 2 for 18)

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December 2012
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Asics Gel Kayano 19 (3 for 17, 2 for 18)

  • Great cushioning
  • Good stability
  • Flexible, breathable upper
  • Soles appear durable
  • Split opinions about redesigned fit
  • Upper not always durable

Bottom line

The Asics Gel-Kayano 19 is built to correct almost any degree of overpronation. User reviewers say it's very stable and, with its exceptional cushioning, that it feels like running on clouds. The Kayano 19 has gender-specific forefoot cushioning and retains its immediate predecessor's redesigned upper, about which reviewers have mixed feelings.

Fit and flexibility

Love it or hate it. Testers for Runner's World rave about the Asics Kayano 18's redesigned fit, which is largely continued in the Kayano 19. They say the 18's external heel counter grips your heel firmly and cushions the Achilles nicely, and they love how the memory-foam upper molds to their feet.

Reviews for the Kayano 19, which launched in November 2012, echo similar praise: "Asics needs to patent their step in feel -- it's amazing how consistent the company can be with providing a very comfortable fit right out of the box," writes one of's wear-testers.

The Kayano 18 drew mixed praise for its new fit. Reviewers liked the roomy toebox and how the upper conformed to their feet, but some said it literally rubbed them wrong in the bunion area. This may be alleviated by the introduction of the Kayano 19's seamless overlays.

We did find a few complaints from users saying their feet felt cramped and uncomfortable in the Kayano 19, but it's worth noting that no single running shoe will fit each foot perfectly. A few runners say the Kayano 18 and 19 have returned to a shorter and narrower fit (about half a size), similar to the Kayano 15 and 16 versions.

Overall, men seem to like the Kayano's new fit a little more than women. Testers do not have much to say about this shoe's flexibility, although the Kayano 18 draws low-to-moderate flexibility scores in Runner's World's shoe finder.

Comfort and cushioning

Firmer than older generations. The Asics Gel-Kayano line is known for its cushioning, and the Kayano 18 earns the highest scores for comfort and cushioning in the Runner's World Spring 2012 shoe guide. The editors describe the Kayano 18 as "a padded boxing glove that you can use to pound out mile after mile, pain-free," and recommend its "cushy, protected ride" for runners who've struggled with foot pain or piriformis syndrome. Users consider the redesigned upper more breathable than that of previous Kayano models.

A few reviewers are skeptical of the somewhat firmer cushioning on the Kayano 18 and 19, which is built on a two-layer midsole. The top layer of softer foam absorbs shock, while the firmer foam below provides support. Most still say the shoe provides a comfortably soft run, and the payoff for that firmer feel is better responsiveness. "The extra squishy ride I've experienced on prior versions just isn't there," writes a tester after trying the Kayano 19.

The Kayano 19 drops more than a half-ounce from the Kayano 18, weighing 10.9 ounces for a men's shoe and 8.9 for a women's. This model also features less-dense forefoot cushioning in women's models to account for the usual difference in weight between men and women with the same shoe size.


Good stability. The Asics Kayano 18 is built for heavy-duty motion control, and earns the highest scores for stability in the Spring 2012 edition of the Runner's World shoe guide. That said, several owners say the changes made to lighten this shoe (including a bit less plastic in the shank) sacrifice a bit of its stability, but are fairly vague on how well it actually controls movement.

Shoe testers for say the Kayano 19 offers "lots of support" without being intrusive about it. One thinks she might be able to get away with leaving her orthotics at home if she runs in this shoe. Another early tester with says he doesn't need the level of support the Kayano 19 provides, but that the supportive dual-density midsole "never gets in the way."

The Kayano 19 now contains what describes as an "undeniably smooth" transition for both heel strikers and midfoot strikers. Like the previous version, the Kayano 19 has a 10 mm drop in height from heel to toe.


Mixed reviews. While experts don't have much to say about the Kayano 18's durability, owners are vocal and divided. Several average a respectable 300 to 500 miles per pair, but the uppers seem to be a bit of a weak point; one user complains that his toes punched through the top of his Kayano 18s within just a few months. Another says a cosmetic piece came off the side after just a few weeks. However, he was logging 30 to 50 miles per week, and says he's otherwise happy with how long his shoes have lasted.

The Kayano 19 has high-abrasion rubber in the soles for additional durability. Given this shoe line's impressive track record, we expect it to provide a reasonable life of 300 to 400 miles per pair.

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