Nike Lunar Eclipse+ 2

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable, customized fit
  • Good for mild-moderate overpronation
  • Excellent cushioning may help underpronators
  • Heel wears quickly
  • A few say the arch is too much

Bottom line

The Nike LunarEclipse+ 2 garners praise from experts and avid runners for its snug custom fit. Only a few struggle with adjusting the laces. The addition of Nike's Flywire system on the LunarEclipse+ 3 in spring 2013 may help with that. Meanwhile, reviewers say the LunarEclipse+ 2 is well cushioned for such a light shoe, and can stabilize mild to moderate overpronation. Durability appears to be a weak point.

Fit and flexibility

A customized, flexible fit. Reviewers say the Nike LunarEclipse+ 2's Dynamic Fit cradle is soft and flexible and conforms to your feet. Runner's World U.K. singles out that "bespoke" feel as one of the shoe's highest points. Reviewers also say the upper feels nice and supportive with the help of the horseshoe-shaped heel cup. The general consensus is that this shoe runs about a half-size small but leaves plenty of room for your toes once you get the sizing pinned down.

Of course, the most important part of buying any running shoe is making sure it fits your feet, and no single shoe can please everybody. We didn't find many complaints at all about the LunarEclipse+ 2's fit, but those who do speak up said that either the arch is a little too much or that they couldn't get the lacing quite right. As one poster who says she's run about 30 miles in the shoes so far explains, "When I do not lace these shoes extremely tightly... my feet move around in them. When I lace them tight enough for my feet not to move, the top of my feet start to hurt after running for a while."

The LunarEclipse+ 3, released in spring 2013, has Nike's new Flywire fitting system, which are small cables that run between the liner and upper to connect your laces directly to the midsole. These may remedy the occasional lacing issue.

Comfort and cushioning

Well cushioned for a light shoe. Most well-cushioned shoes tend toward the heavy side, but reviewers at say the Nike LunarEclipse+ 2's upper is "supremely comfortable," and that the Lunarlon midsole is "plushly cushioned yet responsive." Testers with Fitness magazine are impressed too, saying the midsole packs "unmatched cushioning."

User reviewers at and agree. One happy owner writes, "I run about 25 miles a week and it feels like 5 miles a week in these shoes. I had previous injuries and I don't feel any discomfort in these." The LunarEclipse+ 2 weighs 10.8 ounces for a men's pair.

Almost everybody, including some fairly heavy male runners, say their knees, ankles and feet benefit from using the LunarEclipse+ 2s. "I don't get blisters or shin splints, I just bounce along," writes a poster who is training for the London marathon. Although Nike typically won't disclose the heel-to-toe drop on its shoes, Runner' measures the LunarEclipse+ 2's drop at 12 mm.


Works for over- and underpronators. The Nike LunarEclipse+ 2 is a stability shoe meant to control overpronation -- when the foot rolls excessively inward with each step. Instead of using the traditional medial post to stabilize the shoe, the LunarEclipse+ 2 has a horseshoe-shaped heel support and Lunarlon cushioning to keep your foot stable. calls the Lunarlon midsole "a treat," and comments it is surprisingly stable given the lack of a higher-density foam under the shoe's arch. Kerry McCarthy at Runner's World U.K. also admires the LunarEclipse+ 2's stability, saying its "personalised pronation support" is a plus.

User reviewers agree the shoe provides a great balance of stability and free movement for both overpronators and underpronators. "Too much control hurt my foot but too little would cause injury. This shoe was the perfect balance," writes an overpronator with low arches at

At, a woman who underpronates says the LunarEclipse+ 2 molds to her feet and "offer[s] intense stability and enhance[s] proper running form. The minor discomforts I used to have are now non-existent wearing these." That said, runners with severe overpronation will likely be more comfortable in a sturdy, structured shoe with motion-control features like the Brooks Beast '12 or its counterpart for women, the Brooks Ariel '12 (*Est. $130) . The LunarEclipse+ 3, released in spring 2013, has a stabilizing external heel counter for stability.


Heel and upper have some issues. allows reviewers to rate shoes for durability on a sliding scale. Most of the 65 or so reviewers rate these shoes near the top end of the durability scale, but those who take time to leave further comments tell a different story. A couple report the outside of the sole wears very quickly at the heel. Both describe themselves as forefoot strikers and say they don't experience this problem with other running shoes.

Another reviewer says that after running two marathons, his LunarEclipse+ 2 shoes are still "nice and cushioned" but the bondings on the uppers came loose after 200 miles or less. This weakened the seams enough that they eventually split open. Despite this issue, he still likes the LunarEclipse+ 2 enough to be on his third pair.

Finally, a third reviewer at says he's noticed "very serious wear" on his shoes after just 20 miles of use. While the durability question is not a deal breaker for everybody, it's definitely worth taking into consideration, especially given this shoe's other merits.

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About 80 women have reviewed the Saucony Hurricane 14 on, giving it an overall rating of 4.3 stars. Most reviews are positive, although several reviewers are less than thrilled with the redesign of the Hurricane 14.

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