Saucony Hurricane 14

  • Great fit
  • Well cushioned
  • Accommodates all foot strikes
  • More flexible than predecessor
  • Complaints about durability

Bottom line

Reviewers say the redesigned Saucony Hurricane 14 offers a great fit from heel to toe, and that it's moderately flexible compared to its predecessor. It's also quite versatile. With an 8 mm offset, the Hurricane 14 encourages a midfoot strike but has enough cushioning to accommodate forefoot and heel strikers as well. Reviewers say it corrects mild to moderate overpronation, as advertised, without being intrusive.

Fit and flexibility

Redesign is a hit -- mostly. The Saucony Hurricane 14's fit has been somewhat altered from its predecessor with the addition of a Sauc-Fit system, which replaces the arch-lock feature from previous models. Editors at Runner's World say the Sauc-Fit feature offers a great fit from forefoot to heel, acting like a hinge that lets you tighten the front and back of the upper separately.

Although Runner's World editors and a number of user reviewers love this feature, predictably not everybody is happy with such a major change. Those who do not like the Hurricane 14's redesigned fit simply say it does not work for them and do not offer many details. Some admittedly didn't even try the shoes on, but sent them back right away after having ordered online.

Reviewers from are also enamored with the new fit, commenting: "The plush upper fits close in the heel to keep you anchored in place, but gives you more space from the midfoot forward." They also report that the Hurricane 14 runs about a quarter-size long. Users say the Hurricane 14 runs true to size, with a roomy toebox and a narrow heel that won't slip off your foot.

Expert testers and users both rave about the Hurricane 14's flat laces, which stay put where you tie them -- no double-knotting required. The Hurricane 14 is more flexible than its predecessor, according to editors at Runner's World, who give it a mid-range score for flexibility overall. Reviewers at agree, stating that compared to its previous versions the Hurricane 14 is "more flexible and responsive than it's been in years."

Comfort and cushioning

More cushioning than the Hurricane 13. Cushioning is one of the big draws for the Saucony Hurricane line, which reviewers say delivers quality performance. Testers with are pleasantly surprised; they didn't expect this version to be "so comfortable and runnable." They add that while the new 8 mm offset encourages a midfoot strike, the Hurricane 14 has plenty of cushioning for heel and forefoot strikers as well.

Testers with Fitness magazine say the shoe's excellent support lets you "feel connected to the road while still protecting your feet and joints." testers agree, saying that they like how the Hurricane 14 "provides the support many runners need and the comfort many runners want, with a ride that's still connected to the road."

Several men weighing more than 200 pounds and leaving reviews on say this shoe gives them the right balance of spring and shock absorption to eliminate knee and ankle pain. Others add the Saucony Hurricane 14 is light enough to respond quickly when they need to sprint. The shoe weighs 11.2 ounces for a men's and 9.7 ounces for a women's.


Good for mild to moderate overpronation. Saucony recommends the Hurricane 14 for "mild-to-moderate stability," or correcting mild to moderate overpronation. A video reviewer with Runner's World points out that on this model Saucony has removed the plastic shank between forefoot and heel and filled in the space with more foam and rubber, creating a full-contact transition from heel to toe.

In spite of this design change, the Hurricane 14 still draws critical praise for its stability support. One tester with says you can feel the shoe's support, but that it never intrudes on your run. Another states the Hurricane 14 is "one of the few options that offers lots of overpronation support as well as a lowered heel that follows current trends. The result is a very runnable shoe without sacrificing stability."


Not the longest-lasting shoe. We found a few comments from users who like the Saucony Hurricane 14 for longer runs, but complaints about durability are more common. One owner posting to Runner's World U.K. claims he's owned three pairs, and with every pair the material around the toebox ripped after 250 kilometers or about 155 miles. He still loved the shoe enough to buy two more pairs. Another runner from experiences similar frustration and says her Hurricane 14s are "already falling apart after 2 months!"

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