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Argee Spin 'n Stor Reusable Salad Spinner Bags

*Est. $12 for 12 bags
March 2010
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Argee Spin 'n Stor Reusable Salad Spinner Bags

Best salad-spinner alternative

  • Effective at drying greens
  • Stores flat, conserving storage space
  • Price
  • Can't be used to serve salad
  • Must be hand-washed and air-dried
  • Will wear out eventually
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Professional testers and owners agree that the Argee Spin 'n Stor is the best reusable salad-spinner bag. It's easy to use: Just fill the bag with washed greens, whirl it around in a wide arc a dozen times and empty water from the bag's reservoirs into the sink. You can store greens in the bag as well. The main downside to these reusable bags is that they must be hand-washed and air-dried, and they will eventually wear out. And unlike standard spinners, Spin 'n Stor bags can't be used to serve salad at the table. If you are looking for a conventional salad spinner, which should last for many years with proper care, reviews point to the Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner (*Est. $30).

We read the best review of the Argee Spin 'n Stor at Reviewer Louisa Chu says that these bags "actually work," but unfortunately, she didn't test their durability. An individual product review, by Adrianna Velez, describes the functionality of these bags and offers a minimal comparison to a standard salad spinner. We also found four 5-star owner reviews at All owners say that the Spin 'n Stor works well.

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Argee "Spin 'n Stor" Reusable Salad Spinning Bags 12 pack

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Our Sources


Only a handful of customers report their experiences with Argee Spin 'n Stor salad bags, but the ones that have posted are happy with their purchase. The Spin 'n Stor earns four perfect ratings. These reviews are brief, but the owners say that they are satisfied with the Spin 'n Stor's effectiveness.

Review: Argee "Spin 'n Stor" Reusable Salad Spinning Bags, Contributors to


Louisa Chu, a chef and food writer, puts three salad spinners through their paces: two conventional spinners, plus the Spin 'n Stor bags. Chu writes that the Spin 'n Stor bags "actually work."

Review: Dizzy Greens: The Best Salad Spinners, Louisa Chu, May 10, 2007

3. Cookie Magazine

Adrianna Velez, a contributor to Cookie magazine, reviews the Argee Spin 'n Stor bags, comparing them with an older salad spinner she used to own that broke over time. Noting that she was discouraged by the amount of storage space salad spinners tend to take up, she turned to Argee Spin 'n Stor bags, which she says work great and are reusable.

Review: Salad Spinner 2.0: Spin 'n Stor, Adriana Velez, March 23, 2009

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