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Scanners: Ratings of Sources

Total of 14 Sources
1. PCMag.com
As of November 2013
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com is the most prolific and consistent reviewer of scanners. Product roundup articles are thorough, informative and frequently updated. Scanners are rated, and the best earn editors' choice nods. Most model receive a detailed single-page report that describes testing that is hands-on and competent. There's a comparison tool as well, which can be particularly useful when making a buying decision.
2. Macworld
As of November 2013
Input Devices
by Editors of Macworld
Our AssessmentMacworld looks at a handful of scanners that are suitable for Mac as well as Windows users. The downside here is that reviews of new scanners are infrequent. Scanner reviews are listed with other content, so you'll have to spend a bit of time searching for the older reviews. Analysis here is fairly detailed; hands-on testing is done, and performance marks such as scan speed, output color and clarity are addressed.
3. Macworld
Jan. 21, 2013
Document Scanner Showdown: NeatDesk Versus ScanSnap iX500
by Ted Landau
Our AssessmentReviewer Ted Landau pits the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 against the Neat NeatDesk for Mac for the title of best document scanner. Specs are similar – both scanners can scan up to 600 dpi resolution, with similar features – though Landau concludes that the iX500 is the winner on hardware, software and features. The iX500 earns a clear recommendation for a desktop scanner.
4. Imaging-Resource.com
As of November 2013
Scanner Reviews
by Editors of Imaging-Resource.com
Our AssessmentImaging-Resource.com is one of the best online sources for camera reviews, but only cover a few still-current scanners. That's a shame as the editors bring the same dedication and passion to their scanner reviews as they do to their camera reviews, making them among the most detailed and complete we found.
5. PC World
As of November 2013
by Editors of PC World
Our AssessmentPC World is the sister site of Macworld and shares some of the same content. It also provides some additional coverage of its own, such as a now older (2011) round up of the top five document scanners. Testing seems to be hands-on, and ratings are provided.
6. TrustedReviews.com
As of November 2013
Peripheral Reviews
by Editors of TrustedReviews.com
Our AssessmentThis British website reviews a handful of scanners, most of which are available in the U.S. Analysis here is competent. Hands-on testing is done, and editors compare results to models' claimed performance specs. Design and features are also addressed in detail, and reviews include up-close, high-resolution photos. Scanners are scored on a 10-point scale – standout models earn a score of eight stars or better. You'll need to search to find scanner reviews, however, as they are mixed in with reviews of other peripherals.
7. Amazon.com
As of November 2013
Portable Scanners
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com carries a wide range of scanners, including sheet-fed, flatbeds, film scanners, all-in-ones and specialized professional scanners. Many models get high ratings, so it's a little hard to identify the best in any category. Tops scanners here receive hundreds of reviews while maintaining an overall score of at least 4 stars out of 5. Owner feedback here is particularly useful when gauging a model's long-term durability and reliability.
8. NewEgg.com
As of October 2013
Flatbed Scanners
by Contributors to Newegg.com
Our AssessmentWhile Newegg.com does not get as much user traffic as Amazon.com, it offers a few advantages. For one, reviewers are asked to post their level of technical knowledge, and most are technologically savvy. Only a few flatbed scanners generate enough reviews to be helpful.
9. BHPhoto.com
As of October 2013
by Contributors to B&H Photo
Our AssessmentB&H Photo is a good source for user reviews, though scanners are divided into three categories that must be searched separately.. Owner feedback features brief commentary, a list of pros and cons and whether or not the reviewer would recommend the scanner to a friend.
10. Laptop Magazine
As of October 2013
Reviews: Printers / Scanners
by Editors of Laptop Magazine
Our AssessmentScanner reviews here focus on portable scanners, and many are growing dated. However, the reviews are quite detailed and are based on tests by Laptop Magazine reviewers. An article compares five portable scanners and rates each one; there is a handy chart that compares how well each scanner performed specific tasks.
11. Shutterbug.com
As of October 2013
Scanners and Printers
by Editors of Shutterbug.com
Our AssessmentPhotography website Shutterbug.com offers equipment reviews, including a few of photo scanners. Reviews here are detailed and include scan samples as well as screenshots of driver interfaces. Though models aren't rated, pros and cons of each are discussed. Coverage is now mostly older as no new scanners have been reviewed of late.
12. About.com
Not Dated
Top Photo Scanners for Digitizing Your Photos
by Peter Piazza
Our AssessmentOn this undated list of the six best photo scanners, five have full reviews that include the results of hands-on testing. Analysis here is brief yet informative, and pros and cons are listed. Other reviews and recommendations seem based on manufacturer specifications only as no sign of testing is seen.
13. Which? magazine
As of October 2013
Scanner Reviews
by Editors of Which?
Our AssessmentWhich? Magazine, a subscription-based U.K. reviews magazine, evaluates 11 scanners and chooses five favorites based on testing conducted over several years and ending in August 2010. Individual reviews are detailed and based on hands-on testing, and best buys are named.
14. Lawyerist.com
Not Dated
Law Technology Buyer's Guide
by Sam Glover
Our AssessmentSam Glover reviews a variety of flatbed and portable scanners for the popular legal practice blog Lawyerist.com. Each receives a hands-on test and a thoughtful rating that isn't afraid to dip into the 2s when called for.
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