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Scooters: Ratings of Sources

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1. ConsumerReports.org
March 2009
Scooters and Motorcycles
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumer Reports tests small scooters and motorcycles for the first time since 1981. Tests here are scientific and detailed. Six scooters and two motorcycles -- all entry-priced, with fuel economies from 60 to 100 mpg -- are rated and compared. No powerful maxi scooters are included.
Scooter Reviews and Touring Scooter Reviews
by Editors of Motorcycle.com
Our AssessmentMotorcycle.com tests and posts thorough write-ups for dozens of scooters, from small gas misers to maxi cruisers. Several of the reviews include videos. Editors here find something to like about all of the scooters, but the reviews are appropriately critical, and some scooters are obviously better liked than others. Editors don't pick any favorites, but they do a good job explaining which scooters are best for certain types of riding (highway, city, long-distance, etc.).
3. Los Angeles Times
May 21, 2008
Scooting Around the Gas Crunch
by Susan Carpenter
Our AssessmentSusan Carpenter, the Los Angeles Times' motorcycle columnist, tests six popular scooter models, from small errand-runners to big cruising scooters. She explains the pros and cons of each and includes her own mpg findings, as well as the manufacturers' estimates. A video review of the three least expensive models is included.
2008 ScooterMaxi Awards of Distinction
by Jim Robins
Our AssessmentScooter enthusiast Jim Robins, a former newspaper editor and legislative researcher in Minnesota, reviews maxi scooters (250 cc and up) at this website. His 2008 awards include kudos for the Yamaha TMAX, Kymco Xciting 250Ri, the electric Vectrix VX-1 electric scooter and the entire Piaggio Group lineup (which includes Vespa and Aprilia models).
2008 50cc Super Battle
by Editors of TheScooterReview.com
Our AssessmentEditors at this New Zealand-based site thoroughly test 13 low-powered (50 cc) scooters, judging each on both a road course and test track. Among models available in the U.S., the Vespa S 50 gets high marks for road performance, styling and build quality, although TheScooterReview.com finds it way overpriced. This site is also an excellent source of single-scooter reviews. You can sort the reviews by score to easily find the best scooters, although only some of them are sold in the U.S. The Yamaha TMax gets the highest score of any maxi scooter (500 cc) available in the United States. The SYM Citycom 300i (300 cc) is named one of the best scooters of 2008. The Vespa GTS 300 Super (278 cc) doesn't make the best-scooter list, but its numeric rating matches the SYM's.
6. Cycle World
Oct. 2008
Fabulous Fifties -- Our Staff Rides Six 50cc Scooters
by Mark Cernicky
Our AssessmentStaffers at Cycle World magazine test six small (50 cc) scooters: the Honda Ruckus and Metropolitan, Yamaha C3 and Vino Classic, Vespa LX 50 and Kymco People S 50. Each scooter gets a short write-up describing its specs and performance, but editors don't pick a favorite. However, search for "scooter" and you'll turn up several individual scooter reviews and comparison tests that do pick favorites.
Scooter Reviews
by Basem Wasef and Jason Fogelson
Our AssessmentTwo About.com guides -- motorcycle guide Basem Wasef and SUV guide Jason Fogelson -- have written reviews of four scooters, posted here. Some are more thorough than others, but all are based on road testing. The Piaggio MP3 500 and the Honda Silver Wing get the highest ratings, both four stars (out of five). (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
8. MotorcycleNews.com
Motorcycle Reviews and Tests
by Editors of MotorcycleNews.com
Our AssessmentWe unearthed six scooter reviews among this U.K. site's many motorcycle reviews. Several of them are available in the U.S. (including the Yamaha TMAX, Yamaha Majesty and Suzuki Burgman 650), although the model numbers may be different. This site rates each bike in several categories, such as reliability and value, and it provides owner ratings, too. The Honda Silver Wing is the best-rated scooter here, earning four out of five stars.
9. Wired Magazine
Oct. 23, 2007
Test: Freeway-Legal Scooters
by Nancy Miller
Our AssessmentWired magazine tests four highway-legal scooters: the Aprilia Scarabeo 500 ie, Vespa GTS 250, Honda Silver Wing and Piaggio MP3. Each gets a brief write-up with pros, cons and a numeric score. The Aprilia rates highest (nine points out of 10).
10. Wheels.ca
Wheels Article Search
by Editors of Wheels.ca
Our AssessmentWheels.ca, an automotive site sponsored by the Toronto Star, reviews scooters as part of its motorcycle coverage. A search for "scooter" turns up half a dozen reviews of current scooters. Reviews are thorough, knowledgeable and balanced, but testers don't pick favorites.
11. TheScooterScoop.com
Scooter Reviews
by Steve Guzman
Our AssessmentThis enthusiast blog posts video reviews for a few current scooters, but blogger Steve Guzman doesn't pick any favorites. Guzman also provides written and video reviews for Motorcycle.com.
12. Motorcyclist
Feb. 2009
Vespa GTV 250 -- Sex and the City Bike
by Michelle Sylvester
Our AssessmentMichelle Sylvester reviews her Vespa GTV 250, outlining its pros (including plenty of storage space and fuel economy up to 70 mpg) and cons (a bird pooped on her the very first day). She gives it four out of five stars, but she concludes that the GTV 250's extra power isn't necessary for around-town scooting; she recommends the Vespa LXV 150 for that purpose.
13. Motorcyclist
Oct. 16, 2008
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
by Editors of Motorcyclist
Our AssessmentA Motorcyclist staffer writes about his experience riding a Suzuki Burgman 650 -- anonymously, saying he doesn't want to destroy his motorcyclist cred. He finds it incredibly efficient and quite quick.
14. The New York Times
Oct. 3, 2008
A Lot of Smiles Per Gallon
by Stuart F. Brown
Our AssessmentThis test seeks "two-wheel commuter vehicles that would be fuel-efficient without being dull." Along with a motorcycle and a dirt bike-like Suzuki, Brown picks the Vespa GTS 250 scooter. He reports on the Vespa's fuel economy, top speed and overall driving experience.
15. The New York Times
Dec. 9, 2007
Electric Glide: Passing Pumps on a Scooter
by Dexter Ford
Our AssessmentThis full review tests the Vectrix VX-1 on an L.A. freeway during rush hour. The electric scooter is equal to the task, Ford finds.
16. The Boston Globe
June 22, 2008
Ciao Car, Hello Vespa
by Tania deLuzuriaga
Our AssessmentTania deLuzuriaga tests a Vespa LX 50 on the streets of Boston. Although she finds potholes a challenge, she enjoys being able to cut through traffic and park at will. The review compares weekly cost estimates and fuel consumption for a 40-mile commute in the Vespa, the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Matrix and the Ford Expedition.
17. The Boston Globe
Dec. 10, 2007
Born to be Mild
by Royal Ford
Our AssessmentRoyal Ford reports on the Massachusetts-manufactured eGO electric scooter. He does a good job explaining how it works, including nuts-and-bolts information such as how you recharge it and how long that takes. He reviews a prototype eGO that runs on a lithium-ion battery (current models run on lead-acid batteries), finding it utilitarian and easy to drive.
18. E Magazine
Sept./Oct. 2008
Cruising On a Current: Electric Two-Wheelers Offer a Way to Cut Back and Cut Loose
by Michael Prager
Our AssessmentThis article gives a comprehensive overview of electric scooters. It discusses three brands available in the U.S. -- eGO, EVTAmerica and Veloteq -- and their respective strengths (speed, distance, cost, etc.), but writer Michael Prager doesn't name a favorite.
19. The Christian Science Monitor
Oct. 26, 2007
This Electric Bike Has Zip to Spare
by Clayton Collins
Our AssessmentThis short road test judges the Vectrix to be "quick, quiet and emissions-free." The reviewer doesn't specify the model, but the only model available at the time was the Vectrix VX-1.
20. PopularMechanics.com
Jan. 19, 2009
10 Hot New Bikes at the 2009 New York City Cycle World Motorcycle Show
by Josh Max
Our AssessmentPopular Mechanics editors pick the top 10 bikes at the 28th annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in New York. The electric Vectrix VX-1 is the only scooter to make the list.
21. Los Angeles Times
July 19, 2006
The Time Is Right: OK, Now Scoot!
by Susan Carpenter
Our AssessmentIn this older article, Los Angeles Times motorcycle columnist Susan Carpenter tests five mid-range scooters. Some of the models are now discontinued, but her favorite -- the Vespa GTS 250 -- is still current.
22. Business Week
Aug. 30, 2006
Town & Country Scooter
by Barry Winfield
Our AssessmentThis older review covers the Suzuki Burgman 400, based on the reviewer's thorough test on freeway, city and country roads. Even though he prefers motorcycles, Winfield appreciates the Burgman 400's ample cargo hold and ease of use.
23. Mother Nature Network
Feb. 25, 2009
Two-Wheel Your Way to Big Savings
by Josh Dorfman
Our AssessmentJosh Dorfman, aka "the lazy environmentalist," rounds up several of his favorite scooters. Dorfman briefly describes each scooter and what kind of riding it would be best for, but he doesn't rank the scooters or explain how they were chosen or tested.
Scooter Reviews
by Editors of Motorcycle-USA.com
Our AssessmentThis motorcycle enthusiast site hasn't reviewed many scooters. The most recent reviews are for the Vespa GTS 250 and the Suzuki Burgman 400, both of which get high praise.
25. 3Luxe.com
Scooter Research and Review
by Editors of 3Luxe.com
Our AssessmentThis website picks what it considers to be the three very best items in many categories, including scooters. One of the three Official 3Luxe Selection scooters is not available, but the Honda Ruckus and the Vespa GTV 250 (the site's alternative pick to the Limited Edition Vespa GT60, of which there were only 1,000 made) are currently available. Editors say they base their picks on road testing, but the testers' credentials are not given.
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