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Second Language Software: Ratings of Sources

Total of 26 Sources
1. PCMag.com
April 12, 2012
by By Jill Duffy
Our AssessmentThis in-depth comparative review of seven language learning products from a PCMag.com expert is one of the best resources for foreign language learners. It focuses mostly on software but includes apps and other resources. Rocket Languages wins the PCMag.com Editors' Choice award along with Rosetta Stone TOTALe.
2. CNN.com
Oct. 24, 2009
How To Learn a Foreign Language Online
by Elizabeth Landau
Our AssessmentCNN.com tests and analyzes apps, online resources and software (including Live Mocha, Byki and Rosetta Stone's TOTALe) in this comparative review. She learns the most from Rosetta Stone, noting that its comprehensive program "forces you, like a real situation in a foreign country, to stretch the limits of your understanding but gives you feedback so that you learn and progress."
3. Inc. magazine
Not dated
5 Innovative Language-Learning Tools
by Editors of Inc. magazine
Our AssessmentIn this undated review, Inc. strongly recommends Babbel's mobile app, calling it "one of the best on the market for learning a foreign language." Inc. likes the speech recognition technology and intelligent review manager, which assigns exercises based on how the user performs on vocabulary tests.
4. Laptop Magazine
Not dated
Web of World Languages
by Editors of Language Magazine
Our AssessmentThis undated review from California-based Language Magazine details 10 language-learning software tools, including Rocket Languages and Powerspeak.
5. The New York Times
April 25, 2012
Serious About a New Language? Begin With Lesson 1
by Bob Tedeschi
Our AssessmentA New York Times reporter tests the apps of Rocket Languages, Hello-Hello and Living Language, which comes out on top. The reviewer deems Rocket Languages his second pick, maintaining that while it is effective for audio learning, users risk running up data charges if they don't have a Wi-Fi connection to run the app. He also finds its web-based features don't all work properly on mobile devices. Hello-Hello is ranked last because of slow downloads.
6. The New York Times
April 6, 2010
Expensive Language Lessons? Doesn't Translate
by Matt Gross
Our AssessmentThe New York Times' Frugal Traveler weighs the costs of language-learning options ranging from software to free online services to studying abroad. He only reviews two software products -- Pimsleur, which his readers recommended, and Rosetta Stone, which he deemed "the most famous." Because the writer is focused on price, he decides that language software isn't worth it given the plethora of free resources, including language exchanges offered on Craigslist.
7. ZDNet.com
Jan. 3, 2010
With TOTALe, Rosetta Stone Brings the Social Web to Language Software [Review]
by Andrew Nusca
Our AssessmentIn this in-depth review, ZDNet's reviewer is impressed with Rosetta Stone's TOTALe product, calling it "incredibly comprehensive." The reviewer generally endorses Rosetta Stone and estimates he'll get around 10 hours of conversation time with a native speaker. His main concern is with the price, which has since dropped.
8. TheStreet.com
Sept. 18, 2011
4 Top Language Teaching Tools for Business
by Jonathan Blum
Our AssessmentThis is one of the few articles to address the language learning needs of businesses; Brain Scape Business, Babbel and Rosetta Stone are reviewed. Rosetta Stone draws the most praise thanks to its vast vocabulary and business focus, with the writer declaring that Rosetta Stone is "the language-learning leader for a reason."
9. No1Reviews.com
Dec. 12, 2011
Tell Me More German Reviews
by Editors of No1Reviews.com
Our AssessmentThis in-depth review awards Tell Me More German 4 out of 5 stars, praising its immersion method, dictionary, translations, conjugation and grammatical explanations. It does not compare the software to any specific competitors. Tell Me More's voice-recognition technology not only works well for this reviewer, but is praised as being one of the best features of the software and essential for learning. The progress tracking tools are declared the best in the field, but the software as a whole can be buggy and the games "tedious" on activities.
10. The New York Times
July 25, 2012
Powerful Tools for Learning a Language, or Several
by By Kit Eaton
Our AssessmentIn this comparative review, a New York Times writer and language student praises Babbel's apps for features like engaging games and a substantial dictionary organized under practical topics. The reviewer's favorite feature is the app's progress tracker.
11. Indo-European Languages
Feb. 17, 2011
Review of Mango Passport & On the Go
by "Jennie"
Our AssessmentThis review by a fluent French speaker named Jennie for the Indo-European Languages site, which offers free online tutorials and exercises, tests Mango Passport's features and tools. She describes the exercises and lessons well, but notes that the software is for beginners and doesn't offer a variety of dialects. She also has an earlier review of Mango Languages for Libraries, which she compares with LangMaster, LinguaTV and her top pick, the video language learning site Yabla.
12. MatadorNetwork.com
March 3, 2010
Review: Tell Me More French
by Candice Walsh
Our AssessmentThe Matador Network has published single-product reviews on several language learning programs, including Tell Me More. This review is generally positive; the writer, who tests the software, finds the features "addictive" but asserts that she was placed too high and needed more instructions
13. Time magazine
Nov. 2, 2009
The Best Travel Gadgets of 2009
by Peter Ha
Our AssessmentTime names Rosetta Stone TOTALe one of the best travel gadgets of 2009 based on its web-based learning platform, interactive games, community features and semi-private tutoring with native-speaking coaches. The reviewer equates Rosetta Stone's services to an online class. As with several other reviews of Rosetta Stone, TOTALe is not compared to any competitors.
14. The Wall Street Journal
Aug. 19, 2009
Lost in Immersion: Speaking French on the Web
by Katherine Boehret
Our AssessmentThis is another review from a highly credible source -- the Wall Street Journal -- that focuses only on Rosetta Stone's TOTALe software. The reviewer tests the software for a week and raves that it creates a genuinely immersive experience, calling it "the next best thing to living in a country."
15. Wired
April 18, 2012
Use Apps to Learn a Foreign Language
by Adrienne So
Our AssessmentThis comparative review from Wired.com recommends Rosetta Stone for story-based learners, Pimsleur for visual learners and Babbel and Mirai Language System's iStart apps "for the time-strapped." The reviewer does not appear to have tested any of the products.
16. Expert Reviews
Feb. 17, 2011
Babbel Review
by David McKinnon
Our AssessmentThe reviewer gives Babbel a perfect 5 stars and applauds its range of resources and options, including fun exercises that cover everything from greetings to grammar. The writer also appreciates that lessons focus on multiple aspects of language learning -- including writing, comprehension, speaking and pronunciation.
17. TrustPilot.com
Not Dated
Babbel Reviews
by Contributors to TrustPilot.com
Our AssessmentMore than 100 users have posted reviews of Babbel on this site, which ranks the tool 9.6 out of 10. Users say they like Babbel Mobile apps' portability and focus on everyday terminology. One customer, a novice studying German, prefers Babbel over Rosetta Stone because Babbel better explains grammar and is cheaper.
18. Google Play
As of Sept. 2012
Learn Spanish with Babbel.com
by Contributors to Google Play
Our AssessmentThousands of users review Babbel's free Spanish app and rate it 4.7 stars out of 5. Reviewers, who have a few minor quibbles about technical issues, say it enables beginners to grasp the basics and helps intermediate-level learners brush up on their vocabulary.
19. MatadorNetwork.com
Dec. 16, 2010
Mango Passport Language Learning Program
by Michelle Schusterman
Our AssessmentAn associate editor with the Matador Network, a community-based travel culture site, tests an early version of Mango Passport's Italian software. This positive review highlights Mango Passport's portability and its recording function, which allows users to compare their accents to the recording of the native speaker.
20. ALA.org
Jan. 11, 2012
App of the Week: Mango Languages
by Erin Daly
Our AssessmentMango's app, which is free in many libraries, is reviewed on the Young Adult Library Services site. The writer uses the app to learn beginning Japanese, and gives it a largely positive review. In addition to being "a solid tool for beginning language learners," the reviewer notes that students can use it to explore different languages before settling on one.
21. Hope International University
Jan. 27, 2012
Review: Mango Languages
by Janell Coskun
Our AssessmentHope International University's Darling Library is one of the thousands of subscribers to Mango's software. The reviewer, who is studying Turkish, finds Mango "more descriptive and comprehensive" than Rosetta Stone. While Rosetta Stone helped her memorize vocabulary words, after an hour of Mango lessons she was able to say four full sentences, including "I'm sorry, I don't speak Turkish very well."
22. Amazon.com
As of Aug. 2012
Software -- Langage and Travel -- Foreign Languages
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentWhile user reviews are always helpful, the challenge with Amazon.com is wading through the reviews on Rosetta Stone to access other software programs. Additionally, nearly every available language is represented, resulting in only one or two (if any) user reviews for each software option. Fluenz language programs are well-reviewed here, but you will have to conduct a specialized search to find them more.
23. Yahoo! Voices
Apr 14, 2010
Learning a New Language? Try Some of These Software Programs
by Lucy Tonic
Our AssessmentThe author reviews five leading language software products. While she prefers Rosetta Stone overall, Rocket Languages is named the best for on-the-go learning because of the software's downloadable MP3 files.
24. Yahoo! Voices
Apr 15, 2010
5 Language Software Programs Available for All Learning Types
by Lisa McNamara
Our AssessmentThe review's five language software picks -- Rosetta Stone, Byki, Pimsleur Approach, Rocket Languages and eLanguage – are a mix of established and lesser-known language software names. The review includes a summary of each product and its features, but the author doesn't appear to have actually used any of them.
25. ThirdAge.com
Not dated
Top 5 Best Language Learning Software
by Editors of ThirdAge.com
Our AssessmentThis website, which caters to Baby Boomers, recommends Rocket Languages' features, including language and cultural lessons which "help learners speak naturally." English Software, Transparent Language, Natively Interactive and Rosetta Stone are also reviewed, but it's unclear whether the products were tested.
26. LanguageSoftware.net
Not dated
The Best Language Learning Software 2012
by Editors of LanguageSoftware.net
Our AssessmentLanguageSoftware.net is a bare-bones website that provides little information on language learning products, except to tear apart Rosetta Stone and endorse Rocket Language. (The site only reviews Rosetta Stone and skips all other competitors.) The website claims to pay its "hosting and administration fees by receiving compensation for purchases made by users through product links" from a variety of language software companies. There are also several YouTube videos promoting the site, which is odd given that its content is limited at best.

Second Language Software Runners Up:

Pimsleur Unlimited *Est. $150 and up

6 picks including: PCMag.com, Wired…

Mango Passport *Est. $80 and up

6 picks including: G4tv.com, PCMag.com…

Living Language Platinum *Est. $180

3 picks including: Amazon.com, The New York Times…

Tell Me More *Est. $230 and up

2 picks including: Amazon.com, PCMag.com…

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