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August 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Tell Me More Premium

  • Comprehensive
  • Customizable
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Spotty speech recognition/recording
  • Challenging for beginners
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Tell Me More Premium's comprehensive instruction -- including thousands of interactive exercises -- helped the company top ConsumerSearch's language software recommendations in 2008. Now facing stiff competition from nimble online language-learning services and advanced interactive software, Tell Me More's limited mobile options and faulty speech recognition technology place it firmly in the runner-up category.

The bottom line

Options galore for intermediate, independent learners. Reviewers say Tell Me More is an optimum choice for motivated, independent learners who already have a foundation in the language they're studying. It's also worth considering if you're a businessperson or traveler and want tailored content. The apparent flaws in the speech recognition tool -- reported by several users and reviewers -- are a drawback. Still, Tell Me More has a lot to offer, and is best suited for those seeking customized content and extensive training -- and those who don't mind limited mobile options or potentially spotty voice recordings.


A myriad of customizable options, but it's not for beginners. Aside from its strikingly limited mobile and community tools, Tell Me More has more options than any other language learning software. Unlike Rosetta Stone, which offers its services essentially in bulk, Tell Me More lets you purchase most of its options as a package or buy tools and services individually. Depending on the language, the plethora of choices include web-based or CD software; private, online tutoring; software tailored for businesses, travelers or homeschoolers; and four programs of varying lengths. Tell Me More is the only company to offer a placement test, which is important given that it caters to intermediate and advanced language learners. The online program does not require any downloads but can be used for a year at most without additional payments. The CD/DVDs are only PC compatible and come with a headset; installing and using the web software are straightforward. A free seven-day trial is available. 


A customizable language learning experience. Reviewers praise Tell Me More for its unparalleled customization, and its multiple features are reflected in the interface. The software's comprehensive method (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and layers of resources are tailored for serious, more advanced language learners. A guided tour of the program helps clarify the content and navigation. You can follow a program or customize your lessons: for example, you can focus entirely on writing, or a combination of writing and speaking. The main categories -- training, resources, tests and my statistics -- are listed at the top of the page and contain drop-down menus where you can delve into everything from maps to vocabulary drills to translation exercises. One reviewer feels Tell Me More doesn't provide enough guidance or support for learners to effectively use the software given its complex (bordering on complicated) and wide-ranging resources.


An impressive amount of features, for those willing to pay. Tell Me More provides a dizzying array of features and tools, and they come at a cost. This is one of the more expensive programs on the market. Features include interactive exercises, cultural tips, audio and video lessons, games, personalized tests, progress tracking, an adviser and one-on-one tutoring with native speakers over video chat. You can even purchase software customized for homeschoolers, businesses and travelers. The company's speech recognition technology is supposed to record and assess your accent, but several users and reviewers complain that it's flawed. The online and CD/DVD software aren't complemented with other mobile and social resources to enhance the learning experience. Still missing is an app or a virtual community center where you can chat with other students or native speakers. It's important to note that even the lowest level offered by Tell Me More requires you have some basic knowledge of the language you're studying.

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Excellent PCMag's reviewer is clearly frustrated by Tell Me More's limited functionality -- specifically, the software's apparently troubled voice recognition technology, which doesn't record her voice properly or provide valuable feedback. (Some users echo this complaint on other sites.) As a beginner learning Italian, she's also surprised to find Tell Me More requires she have a foundation in the language. The reviewer likes the software's customization options and impressive dictionary. She rates the software "good" and recommends Tell Me More only for intermediate and advanced students.

Review: Tell Me More, Jill Duffy, March 9, 2011


Very Good This in-depth review awards Tell Me More German 4 out of 5 stars, praising its immersion method, dictionary, translations, conjugation and grammatical explanations. It does not compare the software to any specific competitors. Tell Me More's voice recognition technology not only works well for this reviewer, but is praised as being one of the best features of the software and essential for learning. The progress tracking tools are declared the best in the field, but the software as a whole can be buggy and the games "tedious."

Review: Tell Me More German Reviews, Editors of, Dec. 12, 2011


Good The Matador Network has published single-product reviews on several language-learning programs, including Tell Me More. This review is generally positive; the writer, who tests the software, finds the features "addictive" but asserts that she was placed too high and needed more instructions on activities.

Review: Review: Tell Me More French, Candice Walsh, March 3, 2010


Fair sells Tell Me More in several languages but the product generates only a small number of reviews. The reviews are mixed, and fairly outdated, with users noting the strength of the program's content while critiquing the faulty speech recognition tool. Nearly every contributor remarks on the necessity of a basic language foundation before using Tell Me More Premium. A few users also complain about navigation and pacing of the program, while others offer high praise.

Review: Tell Me More Reviews, Contributors to

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Tell Me More v10 French - 5 Levels
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