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Baby Lock Eclipse DX Serger

Est. $1,200
January 2014
by ConsumerSearch
Baby Lock Eclipse DX

Best auto-threading serger

  • Automatic threading
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Consistent stitch balance
  • Cuts cleanly
  • No coverstitch
  • Only sold through authorized dealers

Bottom line

If you dig into sewing forums, no serger brand inspires loyalty like Baby Lock. Part of the reason is Baby Lock's Jet-Air Threading feature, which is available on the Eclipse DX Serger. This feature virtually eliminates the time-consuming manual threading required by cheaper serger sewing machines. Of course, it comes at a price, and some reviewers say other than the automated threading options, there aren't a lot of features at this price point.


Professional-looking results. Although the biggest selling point of the Baby Lock Eclipse DX Serger may be its ease of use, it also gets raves for great performance. Users say it's a high-quality machine that offers professional-looking results. It has a variety of stitches, including a wave stitch that's unique to the Baby Lock. The fabric support system and full, differential feed ensure a smooth result on any weight fabric, while the heavy-duty cutting bite can handle even the heaviest fabrics.

Ease of use

Couldn't be easier. The automatic threading system on the Baby Lock Eclipse DX Serger is what gets reviewers excited about this machine, and almost perfect reviews across the board. One reviewer says, "… it's akin to driving a clunker then getting your first new car. You don't know what you were missing 'til you get one!" It's not just the simple threading; users say it is simple to use the levers and controls, and it couldn't be easier to change stitches. There's a bit of a learning curve, users say, but nothing like with a manual thread serger.


Not high-end, but good enough for most. A few reviewers say that the Baby Lock Eclipse DX Serger doesn't have that many features for the price, but most say that what it has is plenty sufficient for all but the most hard-core seamstresses, with one saying that it's so versatile that the Eclipse will be her final purchase unless "sergers start whistling when they sew." In addition to its patented Jet-Air Threading, it has a differential feed, fabric support, vertical needle penetration, needle threader, light, accessory storage and a carry handle, which makes it easy to transport.

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There are only three reviews for the Baby Lock Eclipse DX on this sewing-enthusiast site, but they're detailed and critical. Owners are totally in love with this serger, saying all of its features are easy to use, but they especially praise the Jet-Air Threading feature.

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There are just a couple of reviews here for the Baby Lock Eclipse DX, but they're both perfect 5-star ratings. Both praise the auto-threading features and say that other features are highly effective as well. There are no complaints or downsides listed; they say it's the perfect machine.

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There are about eight reviews here for various serger models in the Baby Lock Eclipse line. Not all of the reviews are for the versions with the Jet-Air threading, but for those that do have the feature, owners can't say enough about it.

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