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Brother XL-2610

*Est. $100
January 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Brother XL-2610

  • Lightweight
  • Automatic buttonholer
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 25 stitch types, 6 quilting stitches
  • Plastic body
  • No carrying case
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Bottom Line

The Brother XL2610 is nearly identical to the XL2600i but comes in a festive pink-and-white color combination. Users say it's appropriate for beginners and even pre-teens, but with 25 stitches, it allows newbies to move beyond the basics.


Provides expert results, even for beginners. The Brother XL-2610 draws rave reviews for its reliable performance, making it a confidence-building purchase especially for those new to sewing. Users describe starting with basic tasks like hems and minor mending, then advancing to sewing trims onto clothing or creating garments from scratch.

Owners are impressed with the effectiveness of several features such as the bobbin winder, needle threader and multiple stitch options. Some add that the machine works with a variety of fabrics or multiple layers of fabric, including denim; one reports that it had no trouble sewing trim onto a canvas raincoat.

However, there are some minor performance issues. A few reviewers say the presser foot is low in the "up" position, which can make it difficult to see where the needle is going, and two say the location of the machine's light makes it hard to see what you're doing. A more frequent complaint concerns bunched or tangled threads, but even this problem is relatively rare. Most users are entirely happy with this machine, and many liken its performance to other machines they've owned that were much more expensive.

Ease of use

Simple for beginners and young sewers. The Brother XL-2610 is considered an extremely easy machine to use, which is why so many reviewers recommend it as a gift for young or new sewers. Users say that threading, selecting a stitch and controlling speed are all intuitive tasks. Many also like the lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry, although some complain that it has no carrying case and a handle on the top would be helpful. The instruction manual draws praise for being uncomplicated.


Quieter than other models. As with many sewing machines, the XL-2610 attracts very few comments, positive or negative, about noise levels. We found no complaints, and just a handful of reviews calling it "quiet" or "quieter" than other machines.

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Review Credibility: Very Good About 85 users give the Brother XL2610 an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with fewer than 10 rating it lower than 4 stars. Owners call it easy to use, with many saying it performs like pricier machines. A few applaud the wide variety of stitches, and several say it works well even with thick or multiple layers of fabric. Its pink color is widely considered a plus. The lack of a carrying case is inconvenient for some, and a handful of users report tangled threads or bubbled stitches.

Review: Brother XL2610 Free-Arm Sewing Machine with 25 Built-In Stitches and 59 Stitch Functions, Contributors to, As of January 2013


Review Credibility: Fair The Brother XL2610 is reviewed by nearly 30 owners at this fabric-and-craft retail website, where it gets an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. Most say it's very easy to use and great for beginners. Others suggest that it's simple enough for pre-teens to use, and one middle-schooler posts her own positive review. A minority of sewers report mechanical problems, but comments here overwhelmingly praise the model's good performance and affordable price.

Review: Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine, Contributors to, As of January 2013


Review Credibility: Poor This website, which sells new and refurbished sewing machines, attracts a dozen reviews of the refurbished Brother XL-2610. Comments are very positive, with owners calling the machine easy to use and well priced; it gets 4.2 stars out of 5. One user likes the selection of stitching options for a novice sewer, but another complains that the plastic construction feels "dinky."

Review: Brother XL-2610 Sewing Machine (Refurbished), Contributors to, As of January 2013

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