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Sateen bed sheets are soft, smooth and attractive

Sateen sheets have a unique luster and are slightly thicker than percale. Although sateen isn't as shiny as its name implies, it has a feel of smoothness that many people love in a bed sheet.

Reviewers say our Best Reviewed L.L.Bean 340-Thread-Count Cotton Sateen Sheets (Est. $135- $205) deliver a soft, smooth feel that will please nearly all sateen lovers. Made of Pima cotton, the sheets also earn praise for their substantial feel, snug fit on bigger mattresses and ability to resist shrinkage. Owners say they have the look of sateen but the feel of high-quality cotton. While most users are pleased with long-term durability, the sheets tore in expert tests, and some reviewers report holes and tears. A few others say they're too scratchy for sateen and complain of wrinkles. All pieces must be purchased separately.

Exclusively sold at, the Pinzon Hemstitch 400-Thread-Count 100 Percent Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set (Est. $50-$65) is hard to beat for the value, reviewers say. Most praise the cotton sheets for feeling soft, smooth and substantial, but a few say they're too rough and don't live up to the promise of 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. The deep 18-inch pockets accommodate even the largest mattresses, and most users agree that the sheets resist shrinkage. However, a few complain of tears, ripped seams and prematurely worn elastic, while others say the sheets wrinkle too easily.

If you despise wrinkles but still want the softness of sateen, Royal Velvet's 400-Thread-Count WrinkleGuard Sheet Set (Est. $60-$150) is worth a look. Reviewers say the 100 percent cotton sheets sold at JCPenney are silky smooth with a substantial feel and come in a rich variety of colors. Most add that they live up to their wrinkle-free name, coming right out of the dryer looking "as if I had ironed them," says one owner. The sheets' deep pockets accommodate large mattresses, but some users say the sheets are too scratchy and others report quality issues with fit, bleeding colors and rips.

Pinzon 400-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Hemstitch Queen Sheet Set, Eggshell
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