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International shipments

  • Reliable international shipping
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free tracking
  • No U.S. domestic ground operations
  • Locations somewhat harder to find

The best review of DHL can be found at where a study of over 14,000 shipments is discussed. also covers a study of shipments with the major companies, though not nearly as many packages were sent. Associated Content does not evaluate shipments but does provide a thorough comparison of DHL and other major shipping companies.

Reviewers are disappointed that DHL is shutting down U.S. operations in 2009, claiming that the move will hurt competition. The company, known as a low-price carrier, will continue to offer international shipments to and from the United States, however. Experts say that DHL is the leader in international shipping with better connections in some remote locations and the only provider who can ship to North Korea and Cuba. Though the United States Postal Service is also well connected internationally, they hand all packages off to the local postal service, which can be a disadvantage when the local system is ineffective. Reviewers are also impressed with DHL's detailed tracking, though they claim that it is not quite as detailed as that of FedEx. One downside is that it can be harder to find a DHL drop-off location, especially if you live in a small town.

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In a 2006 PA Consulting Group study of overnight deliveries, DHL is found to be just behind UPS in reliability. DHL rates 90.66 percent reliable while UPS and FedEx rate 90.83 and 88.02 percent respectively. DHL is the exclusive sponsor of this study.

Review: U.S. Domestic 10:30am Delivery Performance Study, Ken Rubin, 2006


DHL delivers packages faster and in better condition to remote international locations than both UPS and FedEx, according to a 2007 Georgia Tech study. DHL delivered first to three of the five locations while UPS and FedEx only delivered first to one location each.

Review: Delivery Contest: DHL Stomps UPS and FedEx, LiveScience Staff, May 2, 2007


According to this comparison review, DHL has less expensive prices than both UPS and FedEx. Although the company offers detailed tracking for free, it is not as detailed as that of FedEx.

Review: Comparison of Shipping/Mailing Services: USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Z. Perry, Aug. 8, 2006


This article only briefly mentions DHL as a cheaper alternative to UPS and FedEx. Rumors that the company may withdraw from the U.S. are also mentioned. DHL has indeed withdrawn from the U.S. domestic market after this article was written.

Review: Battle of the Brands: UPS vs. FedEx, Kevin Shult, May 5, 2008

5. Georgia Tech Supply Chain Logistics Institute

Students at the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Logistics Institute comment on the great customer service of DHL, who they describe as "prompt and consistent." Students were also impressed that DHL offered service in Spanish as well.

Review: The Great Package Race, 2008, Logistics Department at Georgia Tech, Updated Dec. 16, 2008

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