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Shipping Companies: Ratings of Sources

Total of 15 Sources
1. Unishippers.com
U.S. Domestic 10:30am Delivery Performance Study
by Ken Rubin
Our AssessmentThis report documents the results of a 2006 study performed by PA Consulting Group to measure and compare the reliability of 10:30 a.m. next-day delivery between FedEx, DHL and UPS. More than 14,000 package deliveries in 20 major cities and four regions of the country were studied. DHL and UPS lead with almost 91 percent delivery reliability, while FedEx scores 88 percent for the same. Results vary considerably, however, from one region to the next. DHL is most reliable for deliveries to the Northeast and Midwest, while UPS leads in the West and FedEx leads in the South. It should be noted that DHL is the exclusive sponsor of this study and it was neither sponsored nor endorsed by FedEx or UPS.
2. ConsumerReports.org
Dec. 2008
Overnight Shipping: FedEx vs. UPS vs. the Postal Service
by Editors of Consumer Reports
Our AssessmentEditors of Consumer Reports compare delivery times and prices of 48 packages sent to recipients around the country via UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service. All packages, sent via regular next-day delivery service, are rated for accuracy and pricing is compared. Prices of various service levels for a 5-pound package sent from New York to California are also compared.
3. LiveScience.com
LiveScience Staff
Delivery Contest: DHL Stomps UPS and FedEx
by LiveScience Staff
Our AssessmentA group of Georgia Tech students track the delivery of identical packages from Atlanta in April 2007 to five remote locations around the world via UPS, FedEx and DHL. DHL beats the competition, delivering to three of the five locations first and coming in second at the other two locations. UPS and FedEx each delivered first to one location. UPS had not yet delivered a package destined to Tikrit, Iraq, at the time of publication. Although the condition of the packages was also rated, there is no mention of how each company fared in this category.
The Great Package Race, 2008
by Logistics Department at Georgia Tech
Our AssessmentOn April 1, 2008, Georgia Tech students sent packages to five remote locations around the world via UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS for their 2008 annual "Great Package Race." The theme of the 2008 race is "Hard-to-Reach Places." About three weeks later, the students conclude that the chosen destinations, which include a fairly isolated island and a city in political turmoil, are too difficult. Only one of the locations could be delivered to by all four of the carriers. All but the USPS delivered to another but the USPS was the only carrier to deliver to Sudan. In a postscript, students report that in December 2008, the package sent to Pitcairn Island via the USPS arrived. It was the only package to be delivered there. Because of this success, and because of the low prices, the students tip their hats to the postal service.
5. AssociatedContent.com
Aug. 8, 2006
Comparison of Shipping/Mailing Services: USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx
by Z. Perry
Our AssessmentThe services, prices and speed of delivery of the four major shipping companies in the United States are thoroughly compared in this article. The author states that the best mailing service ultimately depends upon the weight of the package and how fast it needs to be delivered. Consumers should also consider whether insurance is needed. The article is a bit dated, however, and the source of the author's information is not clear.
6. BloggingStocks.com
May 5, 2008
Battle of the Brands: UPS vs. FedEx
by Kevin Shult
Our AssessmentThis article updates readers on changes at UPS and FedEx since the publication of Kevin Shult's similar article the previous year. The article does not provide the same depth of company information as the original article, but focuses on key changes such as competition from USPS, rate increases and fuel surcharges. Shult mentions DHL as a slightly more affordable option. Results from a readers' poll are also included, in which UPS is clearly favored over FedEx, although the reasoning behind the lead is unclear.
7. BloggingStocks.com
Apr. 9, 2007
UPS vs. FedEx: Battle of the Brands
by Kevin Shult
Our AssessmentKevin Shult provides a thorough comparison of FedEx and UPS in this article in which both companies are compared. Shult looks at the images the companies present, their fleet size, the technology they employ and the costs to send a 20-pound package from New York to California. While the two companies share many similarities, Shult favors FedEx because it has lower prices overall. Over 300 reader comments are posted.
8. ConsumerReports.org
Dec. 6, 2007
Ways to Cut the Cost of Shipping
by Gregory Brown
Our AssessmentGregory Brown lists some tips for cutting down shipping costs in his Consumer Reports blog. One of the best ways to save, he says, is to mail packages early. He lists shipping deadlines for both USPS and FedEx and compares the prices of early and last-minute shipping of a 10-pound package for both companies.
9. eBay.com
Aug. 16, 2008
Shipping on eBay and Shipping Tips
by "lookinforit05"
Our AssessmentThis eBay review discusses the pros and cons of shipping with both UPS and USPS from the perspective of the author, who has worked for both companies. Packing tips are also included. The author, known only as "lookinforit05," states that USPS is best for small packages or local deliveries but that DHL, FedEx or UPS are best for important or high-value items.
10. Logistics Management
May 16, 2008
Parcel Shipping: USPS Set to Go the "First Mile"
by Jeff Berman
Our AssessmentChanges to USPS prices and services are discussed at length in this article. The changes are an attempt to better position themselves as a competitor of UPS, FedEx and DHL. Parcel Return Service allows USPS to capitalize on its strong household delivery system by offering pick-up services to households for returns, repairs and recycling of electronic goods. Other changes include price incentives for large- and medium-sized shippers, a zone-based pricing system for Express Mail and savings for those using electronic postage.
11. AccuracyProject.org
As of Jan. 2009
U.S. Mail Holidays - UPS Holidays - DHL Holidays - FedEx Holidays
by Editors of AccuracyProject.org
Our AssessmentThis website lists holiday closures for each of the four major shipping companies. USPS observes the most holidays, while DHL and FedEx observe the least. Some service levels of FedEx, however, observe additional holidays that aren't listed. USPS is the only company of the four that doesn't provide same-day delivery. The other three companies provide this service 365 days per year.
12. Aviation Week
Aug. 8, 2008
Stable Outlook for Cargo Sector
by James Ott
Our AssessmentThis article discusses the findings of the 2008 Top-Performing Companies study, which finds that air cargo companies, such as UPS, FedEx and DHL, are better equipped to handle the turbulent economy and rising fuel costs than passenger carriers. UPS leads the rankings over FedEx.
13. Craftster.org
As of Jan. 2009
Shipping Methods E UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS
by Contributors to Craftster.org
Our AssessmentIn this forum, crafters discuss the best methods for shipping their crafts. The USPS is praised for its affordable prices, reliability and ease of use as well as for its free shipping supplies. Reviewers complain, however, that USPS tracking is not suitable.
14. WebmasterWorld.com
As of Oct. 2007
UPS vs. FedEx for USA Ecommerce Shipping
by Contributors to WebmasterWorld.com
Our AssessmentContributors to WebmasterWorld.com debate the pros and cons of UPS, FedEx and USPS in this older forum thread. Most contributors own online companies and ship large quantities of packages on a regular basis. FedEx is favored for good customer service and better rates, though some say that the company's contracted drivers are not always reliable. Several contributors agree that damage claims are equal between both FedEx and UPS. The postings, however, are somewhat dated.
15. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
June 18, 2003
Drivers for Rival UPS and FedEx Prefer Joshing to Jousting
by John Marshall
Our AssessmentThis lighthearted article discusses the camaraderie between rival workers at UPS and FedEx and compares the uniforms of the two companies. According to the author, there is a longstanding battle over who has the sexiest uniform. The majority of readers polled, however, said that neither uniform is sexy.
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