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American Standard FloWise 1660.717

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November 2013
by ConsumerSearch
American Standard FloWise 1660.717

  • Generous stream
  • Low water use
  • Three spray settings
  • Doesn't save settings between uses
  • Not good with low water pressure
  • Some problems with leakage

Bottom line

The American Standard FloWise 1660.717 uses only 1.5 to 2 gallons per minute (gpm) of water, yet still manages to deliver a strong stream that doesn't lose its heat. Its three settings (full spray, turbine massage and combination) suit a variety of tastes, although many wish the shower head didn't automatically reset to the lowest-flow setting after use. Also, users with low water pressure may find this shower head's flow too weak.


A strong stream that stays warm. Both professional testers and home users like the feel of the American Standard FloWise 1660.717 shower head. A few find the spray setting too prickly, while others say the turbine feels too misty, but nearly all owners can find a setting they like. One exception is those with low water pressure, who complain that the FloWise gives them a feeble drizzle rather than its usual strong stream. Also, while professional testers say the FloWise does an excellent job of keeping hot water hot, some consumer-reviewers say it feels tepid, especially in the turbine mode.

Ease of use

Resets automatically. Professional testers say the American Standard FloWise 1660.717 makes it easy to switch among settings. What's not easy, however, is keeping the setting you like, as this shower head automatically switches back to its 1.5-gpm setting after use. Some reviews say this makes sense, since you'll save more water by defaulting to the lowest-flow setting, but it's a real nuisance for many users -- especially shorter folks who have trouble reaching the shower head to reset it. Installation is easy for most owners, but some complain that there are no instructions and customer service isn't helpful.


Possible problems with leaks. Rather than solid metal, the American Standard FloWise 1660.717 is made of chrome-plated plastic, which feels flimsy to some users. We also saw several complaints that the shower head leaks. Some owners say theirs leaked around the head right after installation, while others report that it developed a leak during the first year of use. We also found one report of a more dramatic failure: a shower head that suddenly broke and fell off during use. A few users also say that the shower head is a bit large for their tastes, but most don't find it a problem.

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The American Standard FloWise 1660.717 has more than 45 reviews at It earns an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, and 89 percent of users say they would recommend it. Owners give the shower head 4.3 stars for quality, 4.1 for value and 4.7 for ease of installation.

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