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Sippy Cups: Ratings of Sources

Total of 30 Sources
1. Babble.com
July 5, 2012
Top 11 Sippy Cups
by Casey Mullins
Our AssessmentThis roundup by Babble.com contributor Casey Mullins includes 11 sippy cups and straw bottles for kids and babies. Each included cup gets a brief blurb that describes the cup's basic usability features as well as its key benefits. There are also details about the age-appropriateness of each specific bottle.
2. Parents.com
Not dated
15 BPA-Free Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups
by Heather Eng
Our AssessmentThis roundup covers both baby bottles and sippy cups. The overviews provide a basic description of each cup/bottle, including pros and cons. While the reviews are brief, there are some good details provided about specific benefits and drawbacks to each pick.
3. BabyGizmo.com
July 23, 2010
Baby Gizmo Sippy Cup Battle: To Leak or Not to Leak!
by Hollie Schultz
Our AssessmentWith classic thoroughness, Hollie Schultz puts 12 cups through their paces -- testing them for how easy they are to suck and for leaking -- upside down, shaken, banged on the table, and tilted on their sides. She even tests to see if the cups can be "milked," that is squeezed by a toddler in the upside-down position to release lots of liquid. With all this testing there is lots of good information, but only one top pick.
4. Parenting.com
Not dated
Best Sippy Cups
by Megan Padilla
Our AssessmentThis roundup includes 14 sippy cups and sippy cup systems, and the key appeal of each cup is highlighted. The descriptions are brief but include the key benefits of the cup or system as well as what age range they are most appropriate for. A couple of models are listed twice but reviewed with different lids.
5. Inhabitots.com
Aug. 26, 2012
Top Five 100% BPA Free Reusable Water Bottles for Kids
by Jennifer Chait
Our AssessmentJennifer Chait selects five bottles that are free of BPA and considered safe and non-toxic. The reviews are detailed and focus on the materials that each bottle is manufactured from, including the bottle, spout, lid and all other parts. She also briefly highlights what makes these a good fit for specific age groups.
6. MomFinds.com
Not dated
Best Sippy Cups
by Editors of MomFinds.com
Our AssessmentThis buying guide provides a brief overview of the topic of sippy cups, including a "what to look for" section that includes "handle," "leak-resistance" and "safety." Editors highlight five sippy cups they recommend for babies. The brief product reviews include the pros and cons of each cup selected.
7. Amazon.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentNot only does Amazon.com sell just about every sippy cup under the sun, it also gets more consumer reviews than any other retail site. The many reviews on Amazon.com allow you to establish the major trends with these cups. Unlike expert reviews, the Amazon reviews involve real-life accounts; consumers will post feedback after using the product for months on end, unlike testers who evaluate products on a one-time-use basis.
8. ToysRUs.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to ToysRUs.com
Our AssessmentLike Amazon.com, ToysRUs.com sells a huge assortment of sippy cups and many parents post here about their experience with them. These reviews are real-life accounts, and oftentimes parents have used the cups they are posting about for months. This is a good place to get a feel for how a sippy cup holds up over the long term.
9. Real Mom Reviews
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to RealMomReviews.net
Our AssessmentThese reviews are posted by contributing moms who have tried and tested the cups in varying real-life situations. These informative reviews describe how the cups work and what ages and stages they are most appropriate for. They also have a nice level of illustrative, real-life detail.
10. Diapers.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to Diapers.com
Our AssessmentDiapers.com sells a large assortment of sippy cups, but there are generally fewer reviews posted. They also have review roundups from other online-review sites. These reviews are real-life accounts, and oftentimes parents have used the cups they are posting about for months. The best use of Diapers.com is in learning about owners' real-life experiences with sippy cups.
11. Target.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to Target.com
Our AssessmentTarget.com is a popular destination for kids' products, including sippy cups. There tend to be fewer reviews than at other sites, but owners post detailed reviews, including pros and cons, often factoring in long-term use.
12. SheSpeaks.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to SheSpeaks.com
Our AssessmentSheSpeaks.com is a product-review site by moms for moms. They do not sell merchandise; they just encourage owners of various baby products to report on their experiences. There are a good number of sippy cup reviews, and they tend to include good details as well as pros and cons. They also have ratings and recommendation percentages.
13. BabyCheapskate.com
July 9, 2012
Straw Cup Showdown Results: And the Winner Is…
by Angie Wynne
Our AssessmentAngie Wynne asked readers to vote on the best straw cup available by voting for nine best-selling cups. The cups were ranked in six categories: easiest to use, easiest to clean, easiest on the budget, easiest to find replacement parts for, most leakproof and most durable. Overall winners were chosen for first, second, and third place, and cups were chosen as winners within each category.
14. MommyBeta
July 11, 2011
Non-Plastic Sippy Cups Review
by Nathalee Ghafouri
Our AssessmentNathalee Ghafouri, one of a group of mom bloggers who runs this site, sets out to find the best reduced plastic sippy cups for her 14-to-15-month-old child tester. She received a couple of samples for her testing and purchased the rest. She tested the cups mainly with water, in the high chair at snack/mealtime, and occasionally on the go. Her reviews include pros and cons and are based upon real-world use.
15. StavishClan.com
May 1, 2012
Lollacup Review and Giveaway
by Mindi Stavish
Our AssessmentMindi Stavish is a speech and language pathologist who took a professional interest in transitioning her babies to straw cups. This led her to write a post about how to teach a baby to drink from a straw, which led to Lollacup asking her to do a review. The review is fair and balanced, and Stavish is knowledgeable about the topic.
16. MommaWords.com
April 3, 2011
The Search for a Good Sippy Cup
by "Janice"
Our AssessmentThis nurse, mom of twins and blogger mom set out to find the perfect sippy cup by re-evaluating her sippy cup cupboard. She goes through the sippy cups in her arsenal, picking both a favorite cup and a favorite sippy. She describes key features in each cup with a very specific level of detail.
17. ThinkBaby.co.uk
Sept. 23, 2012
10 of the Best First Cups for Your Baby
by Kyrsty Hazell
Our AssessmentThis is a roundup of 10 sippy cups considered to be good for transitioning babies from 6 months old and up. Each cup reviewed gets a line about chief benefits, but not a lot more. There is no comparative detail or description of how picks were made. Several of the bottles included are not available in the U.S. as this is a U.K.-based site.
18. REI.com
As of January 2013
Water Bottles
by Contributors to REI.com
Our AssessmentREI is a good source to find user reviews on popular water bottles, since they are often purchased for sporting and outdoor use. Reviews tend to be thorough and cover important points like durability, ease of cleaning, growth of mold and odor control.
19. Drugstore.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to Drugstore.com
Our AssessmentThere are fewer reviews at Drugstore.com than at most consumer-review sites, but a few sippy cups get enough reviews to make it worthwhile. Reviews tend to be thorough and touch on both pros and cons of each product.
20. OneStepAhead.com
As of January 2013
Sippy Cups
by Contributors to OneStepAhead.com
Our AssessmentOneStepAhead.com retails what it says are "ingenious products for babies, toddlers and kids." There are fewer user reviews here than at other retail, product-review sites, but there is a good selection of popular sippy cups.
21. MightyNest.com
April 10, 2011
Best BPA Free Water Bottles for Kids
by "Annie"
Our AssessmentThe article's writer begins by stating the dangers of BPA, its common uses and applications in food containers and the potential risk all plastics have to contain endocrine disruptors. She states that the safest drinking vessel materials are glass and stainless steel and goes on to list the BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free bottles at MightyNest.com for kids beyond the sippy cup stage. She then lists the benefits and attributes of each of her five chosen bottles.
22. Livestrong.com
May 3, 2011
The Best Sippy Cups for Babies
by Radha McLean
Our AssessmentThis article discusses the transition babies make from bottle to sippy cup at as early as 6 months of age. The writer selects cups that are BPA-free and that work well for babies and toddlers. She describes usability features of each selected cup and includes cups that have versatility options for different ages and stages.
23. About.com
Not dated
Water Bottles for Kids
by Laureen Miles Brunelli
Our AssessmentLaureen Miles Brunelli, the About.com guide to work-at-home moms, focuses on finding a water bottle that will last for more than one year. It includes a brief, yet well-detailed buying guide with "what to look for" features. She selects six water bottles that she says will stand up to the rigors of school lunchtime. She notes child preferences in describing the bottles and a couple of key features to each bottle.
24. GoGreenTravelGreen.com
April 5, 2012
Best Travel Water Bottle for Kids
by Amy Whitley
Our AssessmentAmy Whitley focuses on three stainless-steel bottles that contain no potentially dangerous plastics. Whitley states that she researched the field of non-plastic water bottles extensively; however, she doesn't mention what her research consisted of. Each bottle gets a write-up that includes basic usability and durability features as well as looks and age-appropriateness.
25. StellarCaterpillar.com
Dec. 6, 2012
Baby Gear: Best Sippy Cup
by Donna Eshelman
Our AssessmentDonna Eshelman, a movement specialist, recommends products for infants based on their ability to teach skilled movements to healthy babies. She recommends the Lollacup based upon the continued use of the sucking reflex that babies use instinctively. It's not a review of the cup per se but of the usefulness of having a straw cup aimed specifically at babies. The article includes no other products.
26. CoolMomPicks.com
June 19, 2012
What's the best sippy cup? We may have just found it.
by Editors of CoolMomPicks.com
Our AssessmentDescribed by its founders as "Just a few moms that track down cool stuff so you can stay busy being fabulous," the editors of CoolMomPicks.com tend to focus on one product at a time rather than roundups that compare and contrast products and include testing. This review by the editors of CoolMomPicks.com is a thorough write-up of the Zoli Bot as a perfect sippy cup, but it is not comparative and includes no other products in the article.
27. BabyCenter.com
Feb. 6, 2012
Lollacup: A smarter sippy cup
by Molly Balint
Our AssessmentBabyCenter.com contributor Molly Balint has found that a straw sippy can be easier for her kids to master than a regular sippy. She reviews the Lollacup, but no other products. However, her review is thorough and balanced, including pros and cons.
28. BumpClubandBeyond.com
Oct. 30, 2012
Product Review: Zoli Bot Sippy Cup
by Jacki Krashin
Our AssessmentJacki Krashin, a regular contributor to this product-review site, gives a thorough review of the Zoli Bot sippy cup. It is not comparative, but it includes pros and cons. It's clear that she used the cup, but she doesn't name the other sippy cups that fell short of her expectations.
29. PlasticFreeBottles.com
Not Dated
Foogo Thermos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
by Editors of PlasticFreeBottles.com
Our AssessmentThis article states that all Foogo products are BPA-free and made with plastics considered safe polypropylene (PP #5). This article also states that a comparative study among other insulated cups found Foogo insulated cups to perform better, keeping liquids cold for up to 12 hours.
30. Thermos.com
July 2006
Comparative Study of Foogo(TM)
by Randy W. Worobo, Ph.D Food Microbiology, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, Cornell University
Our AssessmentThis comparative study, "Comparative Study of Foogo(TM) by Thermos(R) Insulated Vacuumware and Competitive Insulated Products on the Spoilage and Safety of Children's Food and Beverages," conducted by Randy W. Worobo, Ph.D. at Cornell University found the Foogo by Thermos to perform better than other bottles at preventing bacteria growth.

Sippy Cups Runners Up:

Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Straw Bottle *MSRP $17

5 picks including: Amazon.com, Viewpoints.com…

Born Free Training Cup *MSRP $10

3 picks including: Amazon.com, Parents.com…

Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Trainer *MSRP $16 for two

3 picks including: Amazon.com, Target.com…

Playtex Coolster Tumbler Cup *MSRP $6

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Parenting…

Thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle *MSRP $16

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Inhabitots.com…

Zoli Bot *MSRP $12

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Diapers.com…

Baby Bjorn Cup *MSRP $15

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Parenting.com…

Camelbak Eddy Kids *MSRP $13

2 picks including: Amazon.com, GoGreenTravelGreen.com…

Nuk Learner Cup *MSRP $7

2 picks including: Amazon.com, ToysRUs.com…

Nalgene Grip 'n Gulp *MSRP $9

1 pick including: About.com, Amazon.com…

Contigo Autoseal Kids Trekker Cup *MSRP $12

1 pick including: Amazon.com, Drugstore.com…

Thermos FOOGO Phases Stainless Steel Straw Bottle, Pink/Purple, 10 Ounce
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Born Free Trainer Cup, Colors may vary
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Insulated Sport Bottle Color: Purple
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Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy Cup 6oz
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from Amazon.com
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Camelbak Kid's Bottle
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NUK Learner Latex Spout BPA Free Cup, Single Pack, 5 Ounce, Colors May Vary
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Contigo Autoseal Kids 14-Ounce Trekker Cup, Teal
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