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Giro G9 Junior

*Est. $80
November 2011
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Giro G9 Junior

Best kids' ski helmet

  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable fit
  • Pluggable vents
  • Can be bulky
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One expert reviewer singles out the Giro G9 Junior ski/snowboard helmet for its durable protection and consistent performance at a good price. He says its bright graphics (at one point this helmet was offered with a bright red flame pattern) are a high point, and parent reviewers agree. Not only do their kids like the cool graphics, but the bright colors make them easy to spot on the slopes. A few parents complain that the G9 Junior is heavy and bulky, and one grumbles about the price. But most parents like the G9 Junior and, even more important, their kids do, too.

The adult version of this helmet -- the Giro G9 -- also receives enthusiastic user reviews, with 4.5-star average ratings (out of 5) from more than 60 reviewers on and almost 20 on For a slightly less expensive kids' helmet that garners one brief expert mention, check out the Lucky Bums Winter Sports Youth Helmet (*Est. $50).

Kids' ski and snowboard helmets don't receive the same degree of expert attention that adult helmets do, but the former ski racer behind recommends the Giro G9 Junior specifically. User reviews for kids' helmets are even scarcer, but we found a handful on, a couple on and a single review on

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A former ski racer selects the Giro G9 Junior as the best all-mountain/carving helmet for children, praising its durability, protection and consistent performance. The flame graphics aren't half-bad, either.

Review: New Ski Helmet Reviews - Best of 2011, Editor of, Dec. 6, 2010


The adult version of the G9 receives more than 60 user reviews and a 4.5-star average rating out of 5. The G9 Junior garners almost 10 reviews total, all positive, although they're scattered across several listings.

Review: Giro G9 Helmet Reviews, Contributors to, As of Nov. 2011


Only two users review the G9 Junior here. One complains that it isn't very adjustable and doesn't fit well; the other says the helmet is the best fit for two children and has "quality construction."

Review: Giro G9 Jr Helmet - Kids' , Contributors to, As of Nov. 2011


A single owner reviews this helmet, giving it 5 stars out of 5. The user calls the G9 Junior a "nice helmet for the price" and makes note of the size-adjustment wheel in back.

Review: Giro G9 Jr Snow Helmet, Contributors to, As of Nov. 2011

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