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Ski Helmets: Ratings of Sources

Total of 21 Sources
1. Backcountry.com
Not Dated
Goat Test #2: Ski/Snowboard Helmets
by Rocky Thompson
Our AssessmentTesters for outdoor gear retailer Backcountry.com put six helmets through a series of tests, including stuffing a cantaloupe into each, then dropping it onto concrete from 12 feet up. The article clearly describes each test, one of which evaluates how well the helmets fit with 10 different pairs of goggles; each helmet gets an overall score plus an individual ranking for each test. The Backcountry.com mascot is a goat, so helmets are scored in terms of goats (not stars), and only one gets a perfect 5-out-of-5 score.
2. Women's Adventure magazine
Nov. 15, 2010
Winter 2011 Editor's Choice Awards - Snowboarding
by Editors of Women's Adventure Magazine
Our AssessmentIt isn't clear how many helmets are tested for this review or how the tests are conducted, but the editors select one winner -- the Giro Grove -- along with four runners-up that average more than 4 out of 5 stars from anonymous testers. The star ratings are the only direct comparison between models. The review lists characteristic features and what editors like about each helmet, but there's only very occasional negative commentary (for example, testers don't like the hook-and-loop fit system and non-removable earflaps on one helmet).
3. Mountain Weekly News
As of Nov. 2011
Helmet Reviews
by Contributors to Mountain Weekly News
Our AssessmentHere, experienced snowboarders and skiers review a handful of helmets. All reviews are from 2010 or later, and with one notable exception the analysis is in-depth, including initial impressions, commentary on the features and how the helmets perform. It's clear that each rider actually tests the helmets, but there's no comparison between models. With no star ratings, it's a challenge to determine which models are recommended vs. those that are simply enjoyed and appreciated. Nonetheless, one rider calls the Smith Vantage "the best helmet I have ever owned."
4. Outside Magazine
Nov. 1, 2011
The 6 Best Helmets of Winter 2012
by Justin Nyberg
Our AssessmentOutside magazine's Justin Nyberg briefly discusses what he likes about each helmet and makes the occasional note about odd characteristics; for example, one model requires a screwdriver to remove the brim. He also "tags" each helmet with the pursuits for which it's best and includes two very budget-friendly models. However, there's no mention of how or whether any hands-on testing was conducted, and there's no direct comparison between helmets.
5. Outside Magazine
As of Nov. 2010
2011 Winter Buyer's Guide
by Editors of Outside
Our AssessmentEach helmet in this buyer's guide gets a short rundown of features editors like. The Smith Vantage is clearly identified as a favorite thanks to its slim profile, venting and adjustable fit. It's hard to discern any order to the other helmets, which aren't directly compared.
6. Powder Magazine
Not Dated
Buyer's Guide: Accessories
Our AssessmentLike most gear guides from ski and snowboarding magazines, Powder's 2012 gear guide features editors' picks for best helmets but no information about whether they were tested and, if so, how. A brief paragraph highlights what editors like about each model, but there's no direct comparison or discussion of negative features.
7. SkiGenie.com
Dec. 6, 2010
New Ski Helmet Reviews - Best of 2011
by Editors of SkiGenie.com
Our AssessmentSkiGenie.com, a personalized search engine run by a former ski racer, is intended to match the right ski equipment to the right person. The site offers ski gear reviews, including a best-buy list for helmets that recommends a number of models. Although it's not clear why these helmets were chosen or if hands-on testing was conducted, the positive features of each model are discussed, and they're grouped by the style of skiing for which they're best.
8. SierraTradingPost.com
As of Nov. 2011
by Contributors to SierraTradingPost.com
Our AssessmentThis retail site offers mostly closeout models and you can find some great deals. Owner-written reviews are helpful for gauging overall user opinion. Three models stand out with at least 20 or more reviews and a 4.5-star (out of 5) or better average rating.
9. REI.com
As of Nov. 2011
Ski/Snowboard Helmets
by Contributors to REI.com
Our AssessmentOnly one helmet sold here garners more than 10 reviews, although a few others receive a smattering of comments from users. What's most helpful is the aggregation of pros, cons and best uses at the top of each review page.
10. Amazon.com
As of Nov. 2011
Snow Helmets
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentMost snow helmets receive a handful of reviews here, but only three get 10 or more reviews and a 4-star ranking (out of 5) or better. Users rank each other's reviews, with the most helpful negative and positive comments displayed at the top of the page.
11. Backcountry.com
As of Nov. 2011
by Contributors to Backcountry.com
Our AssessmentOnly a handful of the snow sports helmets sold at Backcountry.com receive any user feedback; of these, a few stand out from the pack with more than 10 reviews and, in one case, a perfect score of 5 stars out of 5. The comments are short, though. Readers can ask follow-up questions of reviewers, but there are no bulleted lists of pros and cons to help distinguish each helmet's primary characteristics.
12. TruSnow.com
As of Nov. 2011
Snowboard Ski Helmet
by Contributors to TruSnow.com
Our AssessmentThe user reviews on this retail website range from a few lines to lengthy paragraphs. A short list of pros and cons precedes each evaluation and readers can ask follow-up questions, although we found no instances of them being answered. Three models attract close to 20 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5) or better.
13. Buzzillions.com
As of Nov. 2011
Ski & Snowboard Helmet Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com collects user reviews from retail sites across the Internet, making it one of the best sources for getting an overall view of owner opinion about a particular helmet. Editors provide a list of pros and cons at the top of each product page, and highlight key quotes from each review. However, it can be challenging to ensure you're reading new reviews vs. the same comments you saw on a retail site. A couple of helmets here receive more than 50 user reviews (two popular models had close to 200) and a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) or better.
14. SkiMag.com
March 24, 2010
The Best-Fitting Helmet on the Market?
by Jake Bogoch
Our AssessmentWriter Jake Bogoch tests this helmet in "bone-rattling rut skiing" but focuses on the fit provided by its supposedly unique pump-fill air bladder. (In fact, quite a few manufacturers offer an air bladder in back of the helmet to fine-tune the fit.) Bogoch describes only how the Salomon's fit compares to other helmets -- excellently -- and how comfortable it is.
15. SkiMag.com
Not dated
Best Helmets 2011
by Valerie Gleaton
Our AssessmentIn this roundup, author Valerie Gleaton discusses the standout qualities of five 2011 snow sport helmets and for which use each helmet is best suited. She names a helmet for almost everybody, but reviews are brief. There's also no mention of whether hands-on testing was conducted, and no discussion of negative qualities or drawbacks for any models.
16. Powder Magazine
Not dated
2010-11 Holiday Gift Guide
by Editors of Powder Magazine
Our AssessmentThere's no mention of testing, negative qualities or even subjective impressions about the helmets reviewed here, just a short list of features Powder editors like. So-called reviews like this read like a recap of the helmet's spec sheets, which is fairly standard among industry magazines.
17. Freeskier.com
Not dated
The Best Gear of 2012 Buyer's Guide: Helmets
by Editors of Freeskier
Our AssessmentThe editors of Freeskier award Editors' Pick status to four helmets in their 2012 ski gear buyer's guide. They give a brief rundown of each helmet's capabilities and features, and comment only on what they like. They don't indicate whether hands-on testing was done or explain how the models were chosen.
18. SkiMag.com
April 26, 2010
New Gear: The Coolest Stuff Out Next Fall
by Editors of SkiingMag.com
Our AssessmentThere's no mention of whether or how the two helmets featured in this roundup are tested, but editors discuss which features they like, including light weight, carbon construction on one helmet and great ventilation on the other.
19. TransWorld Snowboarding
Aug. 25, 2011
Dome Protectors
by Ben Gavelda
Our AssessmentHelmets receive a single-page mention in TransWorld Snowboarding's 2012 Gear Guide. Author Ben Gavelda highlights one or two favorite characteristics per helmet, but there's no discussion of hands-on testing or negative characteristics, and no comparison between models.
20. SkimbacoLifestyle.com
Nov. 28, 2008
Best Kids' Ski Helmets
by Katja Presnal
Our AssessmentAuthor Katja Presnal gives a few general tips about ski helmets for kids and lists a few models she likes. There's no mention of hands-on testing, and no direct comparison or discussion of features she dislikes. Almost every helmet she selects has an adjustable-fit system, allowing it to grow for a little while with a child, but only one of her picks is still in production.
21. The Telegraph (U.K.)
Not Dated
Ski Wear: The Best Ski Helmets
by Peter Hardy
Our AssessmentThe Telegraph's ski correspondent says he never skis without a helmet, but he doesn't say whether he tested the models in this roundup. Peter Hardy gives just one- or two-line comments about the features he likes on each, and in a couple of cases he remarks only on the cost. One helmet he praises as "a worthy budget pick" -- the Trespass Burlin -- is available only in the U.K. and Ireland.

Ski Helmets Runners Up:

Smith Variant Brim *Est. $160

4 picks including: Amazon.com, YouTube.com…

Smith Vantage *Est. $180

4 picks including: Backpacker.com, Outside Magazine…

Giro G10 *Est. $130

3 picks including: Backcountry.com, REI.com…

Red Hi-Fi *Est. $100

3 picks including: Backcountry.com, Women's Adventure magazine…

Pro-Tec B2 Snow *Est. $75

2 picks including: Outside Magazine, YouTube.com…

K2 Rival *Est. $100

2 picks including: Outside Magazine, Powder Magazine…

Lucky Bums Winter Sports Youth Helmet *Est. $50

1 pick including: SkiMag.com, LuckyBums.com…

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