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Sleeping Bags: Ratings of Sources

Total of 25 Sources
1. OutdoorGearLab.com
As of May 2013
Sleeping Bags
by Max Neale
Our AssessmentOutdoorGearLab.com rigorously tests camping gear and publishes the results. The testers, including Max Neale, use the featured bags in a variety of conditions, including in the open rain, over 14 nights.
2. Outside Magazine
July 6, 2012
Design and Technology Special: The Most Innovative Gear of 2012
by Aaron Gulley
Our AssessmentOutside magazine reviews the 30-degree-rated version of the DriDown Zissou (also available as a 23-degree-rated bag) in its roundup of innovative outdoor gear, praising its unique fill qualities.
Gear of the Year 2012
by Steve Casimiro
Our AssessmentEach year National Geographic chooses gear "must-haves" for their innovative improvements. Testing criteria for inclusion in the semi-annual gear guide is not mentioned.
4. GearPatrol.com
Feb. 14 , 2013
20 and Counting Down: 10 Best Sleeping Bags for Backpacking
by Austin Parker
Our AssessmentGearPatrol.com posts reviews of gear, technology and style aimed at male consumers. In this roundup of recommendations for backpackers wanting a warm bag for cold weather down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, Austin Parker suggests the DriDown Zissou 15 because of its ability to keep loft in the down even when wet.
5. Climbing.com
Not dated
Sound Sleepers, Best Sleeping Bags of 2012
by Julie Ellison
Our AssessmentIn their roundup of sleeping bags suitable for climbers, Climbing and Backpacker magazines test 12 three-season down bags, including the Sierra Designs Zissou 15-which was upgraded this year to the DriDown Zissou 12. Testers used the bags in various climates in North America and the United Kingdom.
6. AdventureJournal.com
June 28 , 2012
by Brendan Leonard
Our AssessmentAdventureJournal.com is an online magazine that highlights outdoors adventures and gear. Reviewer Brendan Leonard tested sleeping in the Zissou 15 (now marketed as the DriDown Zissou 12) in three environments: with no shelter beside a body of water, in a condensation-making bivy sack, and in a small condensation-prone tent.
7. Buzzillions.com
As of May 2013
Sleeping Bag Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com combines consumer reviews from retail sites together in one place. Sleeping bags is among the many categories featured here with approximately 2,672 products listed.
8. Amazon.com
As of May 2013
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAs one of the best places to find user reviews of sleeping bags on the Internet, Amazon provides many filter options for curious consumers, including the option to only look at good reviews, bad reviews or the newest reviews. Products are rated on a five-star scale.
9. REI.com
As of May 2013
Sleeping Bags
by Contributors to REI.com
Our AssessmentOutdoor-gear retailer REI maintains a comments function for customers of its products. A handful of contributors review their sleeping bag purchases here. Reviews are often brief but provide valuable extended use feedback.
10. GearJunkie.com
April 14, 2008
Category: Camping Gear Reviews
by Stephen Regenold
Our AssessmentGear Junkie is a news and reviews site for outdoors gear, including sleeping bags. Columnist Stephen Regenold thoroughly evaluates and tests the products he reviews, often giving concrete examples to support his findings.
11. TerraFirmaAdventures.com
August 2012
by Kristopher Artz
Our AssessmentBlogger Kristopher Artz reviews outdoors gear, including sleeping bags he has personally used. He also gives tips about camping with children.
12. The Baltimore Sun
Dec. 13 , 2010
Baltimore Outdoor Sports News
by Candus Thomson
Our AssessmentThis Baltimore newspaper offers outdoor news and occasional reviews by columnist Candus Thomson, who writes under the moniker "Outdoors Girl."
13. Campmor.com
As of May 2013
Campmor: Sleeping Bags
by Contributors to Campmor.com
Our AssessmentAt outdoors-gear retailer site Campmor.com, contributors post user reviews of products they have purchased. The site has a selection of more than 100 sleeping bags for sale.
14. Trailspace.com
As of May 2013
Sleeping Bags and Pads
by Contributors to Trailspace.com
Our AssessmentContributors to the backcountry recreation community Trailspace.com rate their experiences with outdoor gear, including the DriDown Zissou and Cat's Meow.
15. StarCamping.com
Not dated
The North Face Cat's Meow +20 Sleeping Bag Review
by Editors of StarCamping.com
Our AssessmentEditors occasionally review camping products, including sleeping bags. Their review is based on a hands-on three-day trip but does not contain much detail.
16. CheapTents.com
As of May 2013
CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog
by "Ryan"
Our AssessmentCheapTents.com is a specialty camping-gear retailer. Occasionally, they feature hands on reviews by staff members.
17. OutdoorBaby.DesignKiln.com
Aug. 9, 2010
Product Reviews
by Heidi Ahrens
Our AssessmentOutdoorBaby.DesignKiln.com is a news site for outdoors-loving families. Site-owner Heidi Ahrens and a team of bloggers review kid-friendly outdoors gear, including sleeping bags. Testing criteria are not listed, but reviews are hands-on.
18. UltraRob.com
March 17, 2010
by Rob Lucas
Our AssessmentOutdoors blogger Rob Lucas, known as "UltraRob," blogs about outdoor activities and sometimes includes reviews on gear he has personally tested.
My Giveaways
by "SaraLee"
Our AssessmentOn this freebie and giveaway site, reviewer "SaraLee" posts photos and an analysis of products site readers can win. She reviews many different products, including at least one sleeping bag.
Camping & Hiking Gear Reviews
by Perry Rosenbloom
Our AssessmentThis Glacier National Park travel-focused site offers tips to travelers, hikers and campers. While Perry Rosenbloom admits he hasn't personally tested all of the sleeping bags he reviews, he states he looks at specs and is trying to guide people to finding the best bags for their environment.
21. Camping-Essentials.org
Not dated
Sleeping Bag Reviews
by Editors of Camping-Essentials.org
Our AssessmentCamping-Essentials.org provides camping tips and basic gear reviews. Editors offer a description of the sleeping bags they review and list pros and cons for each. Testing criteria is not provided.
22. TimMiner.com
March 12, 2013
Gear Reviews
by Tim Miner
Our AssessmentOutdoor marketing entrepreneur Tim Miner tests sleeping bags and other camping equipment and reviews them on his blog. He is affiliated with TalesofAMountainMama.com.
23. TalesOfAMountainMama.com
March 12, 2013
Gear Reviews
by "Amelia"
Our AssessmentThis blogger writes gear reviews about family-oriented outdoor gear. She sometimes reviews sleeping bags and is affiliated with Tim Miner from TimMiner.com.
24. Backcountry.com
As of May 2013`
Sleeping Bags
by Contributors to Backcountry.com
Our AssessmentGear site Backcountry.com allows users to review products featured on their site. While other products receive dozens of reviews, only a handful of owners have spoken up about sleeping bags.
25. OutdoorPlay.com
As of May 2013
Camping Sleeping Bags
by Contributors to OutdoorPlay.com
Our AssessmentRetail site OutdoorPlay.com allows users to comment on products they have purchased that are featured on the site, including sleeping bags. Reviews are brief and sparse but occasionally offer excellent insight into long-term use.
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