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Smoke Detectors: Ratings of Sources

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Smoke Alarm Ratings
by Editors of
Our tests one dual-sensor smoke alarm, six ionization smoke detectors and six photoelectric models. Responses are gauged for both smoldering and flaming fires. The dual-sensor model scores higher than any of the photoelectric or ionization smoke alarms tested, and is the only one that earns Recommended status.
2. Consumer magazine
Sept. 26, 2014
Smoke Alarms
by Editors of Consumer magazine
Our AssessmentNew Zealand's Consumer magazine tests 20 smoke detectors in a mock hallway situation, evaluating them for accuracy in high-flaming and smoky/smoldering fires. Three samples of each smoke detector are tested, and results are the average of the three trials. Many of the smoke detectors are not sold in this country, but others are, included two recommended choices. Though most of this article requires a subscription to read, a list of the tested smoke detectors and their test results is free.
3. Choice magazine
March 2, 2010
Smoke Alarms Reviews
by Editors of Choice magazine
Our AssessmentAustralian publication Choice magazine tests 15 different smoke alarms. It conducts the testing in a fire laboratory with the alarms on the ceiling of an adjacent room. Both flaming and smoldering fires are started to determine how each model performs. They grade the models on a scale of 1 to 100, and ultimately recommend three models. Only a numerical score is given; specific descriptions and reviews of the models are not provided. Many of these smoke detectors are not sold in the U.S., and many are now discontinued, but updated U.S versions of the three top choices are available.
4. ABC News
May 29, 2014
‘GMA' Investigates: Will Your Smoke Detector Respond Fast Enough?
by Editors of ABC News
Our AssessmentThe staff of ABC News and GMA Investigates delve into the issue of what type of smoke detectors are best. Ionization smoke detectors are found to sound fastest in the case of a blazing fire, but sometimes fail to sound at all in the case of a smoldering one. The findings echo those of a government study that says for best safety, both types should be used in most houses.
As of October 2014
Smoke Alarms
by Contributors to
Our user reviews are a good place to gain insight on problems that annoy owners but that don't show up in expert tests. Lots of smoke detectors get ample feedback, in some cases hundreds or even more than 1,000 reviews.
As of October 2014
Smoke Alarms
by Contributors to
Our doesn't have the same volume of smoke alarm reviews as Amazon, but some models have accumulated a few dozen. In addition to providing ratings and written feedback, owners can state whether or not they would recommend their smoke detector to a friend.
As of October 2014
Smoke Alarms
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentMost smoke alarms sold at have accumulated just a handful of reviews, but some have earned much more feedback making the site another worthwhile destination for owner opinions. Owners rate their smoke detectors on a variety of factors, including features, value, and quality, and state whether or not they would recommend the smoke detector.

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