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Toro Power Clear 621 QZR 38458

Est. $730
October 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Toro Power Clear 621 QZR 38458

Best single-stage gas snow blower

  • Four-stroke engine is powerful and efficient
  • Easy to maneuver with Power Propel Drive System
  • Starts quickly and reliably
  • Hearing protection required for loud gas engine
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Bottom line

The Toro Power Clear 621 QZR 38458 is "very easy to use with power to spare," summarizes one owner at Both professional and owner reviews say this single-stage snow blower starts reliably, is powerful enough to tackle large driveways with heavy snow and has user-friendly controls. It's one of the easier gas blowers to handle, thanks to a variable-speed transmission and Power Propel Drive System. The 38458 is the most expensive machine in our report, but most owners say its long life span makes it a good buy.

Ease of use

Self-propel drive and multiple-speed transmission. The Toro 38458 gets excellent ratings on handling from experts and owners. The Power Propel system drives the snow blower so you don't have to push it, and the throttle control lets you set the best speed for the conditions, slowing down for wet snow and speeding up to clear lighter drifts. The Quick Chute rotates 210 degrees -- one of the widest ranges we've seen -- and sends snow up to 35 feet. An owner at explains the user-friendly adjustments "make it so much easier to control output direction without having to stop and lean over the front of the blower."


Fast and powerful. In one comparison test, experts say the Toro 38458 is efficient, tearing through packed snow piles without bogging down and removing snow cleanly off the asphalt. Owners agree, saying the machine even handles high snowpack and slush. Toro pairs a four-stroke 163 cc engine with a variable-speed transmission, giving users plenty of power and making this one of the fastest single-stage snow blowers. The 38458 has "enough power to handle the most demanding snows," notes one owner at Users also praise how easy it is to start: "Hit the primer a couple of times and it turns right over."


Dependable brand reputation. Experts say Toro is one of the top-rated manufacturers for snow blowers, known for quality construction and long life span. Many owners attest they have used Toro-brand snow blowers for decades and say the 38458 is no exception -- sturdy and well-built. There are few comments on the life span of this model, but no user reviews mention premature mechanical failure or annoying design flaws. In addition to the two-year full warranty, Toro guarantees the 38458 will start in one or two pulls during the snow blower's first two years.

Our Sources


Testers evaluate a dozen single-stage gas snow blowers for this report, but apply results to 12 other similar models. Editors recommend a handful of the top models, based on their ability to clear snow all the way down to the pavement, remove snow quickly and cut through packed snow.

Review: Snow Blowers Ratings, Editors of, December 2012


The Toro 38458 is the highest rated single-stage gas snow blower at, with 4.7 stars from about 150 owners. Owners say the machine earns its 95-percent recommendation rate with powerful clearing, reliable starting and easy handling. Reviews from Toro's website are also included.

Review: Toro Power Clear 621 QZR 21 in. Single-Stage Quick Chute Gas Snow Blower, Contributors to, As of October 2013

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