Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30

Est. $400
August 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30

  • Very good sound
  • Bluetooth wireless support
  • Attractive
  • Some reliability concerns
  • No HDMI or USB
  • No remote or front display
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Bottom line

The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 may cost a pretty penny, but it delivers top-notch audio for a sound bar and includes Bluetooth connectivity. Experts say a sound bar in this price range should have a few more features, however.


Clean, balanced audio. The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 delivers some of the best audio you'll find in a sound bar, with clear dialogue, excellent balance between the low, mid and high ranges and a subwoofer that might not punch you in the gut, but delivers accurate and respectable low-end sound. The sound bar sounds great with movies and music alike, though as with all sound bars, the simulated surround sound isn't terribly effective. However, some users report running into issues with defective units and poor Bluetooth connectivity.


Attractive, but it skimps on the ports. Critics love the clean look of the slightly large sound bar, calling it both easy on the eyes and simple to set up thanks to the subwoofer's wireless nature. The lack of HDMI connections or a USB port is widely cited as a major flaw in a sound bar this expensive, however. In fact, the TVee Model 30 only includes digital optical and analog audio inputs. The remote can be finicky and needs to be pointed directly at the sound bar, as well.


Smartphone friendly. The Bluetooth wireless capabilities make it a breeze to stream music from an iPhone, iPod or Android device. There are onboard Dolby Digital decoders (no DTS decoders, though), but the limited connectivity means that those won't be used in most setups. The relative lack of other features is another major issue reviewers have with the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30.


A questionable value proposition. The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 delivers a great sonic punch. But though its price has dropped, it's still more expensive than some well-regarded sound bars, such as the Sony HT-CT260 (Est. $250) .

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The audiophiles at Sound & Vision magazine compare the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 against four other top-notch sound bars. The TVee model 30 comes out on top with a Certified & Recommended award, largely because of its high design rating and flawless performance score. Each review is based on hands-on testing and benchmarks.

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The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 earns an 8.5 score and a Recommended Product award from after reviewer Caleb Denison subjects the sound bar to extensive testing. Bullet points of highlights and lowlights accompany extensive discussion. Denison loves the easy installation and accurate sound, but dislikes the lack of built-in DTS decoders.

Review: Boston Acoustics Tvee Model 30 Review, Caleb Denison, July 15, 2011


The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30's reputation is decidedly mixed with users, with most just as likely to leave a 1-star rating as a 5-star rating. The major complaints revolve around defective units and spotty Bluetooth connectivity. Users who don't run into problems are largely very happy with the sound bar.

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User reviews at follow a similar pattern to those at Although users uniformly rave about the Boston Acoustic TVee Model 30's superb sound quality, occasional defects and the finicky remote control drag down the ratings from several owners.

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