• Excellent simulated surround sound
  • Robust wireless digital music software
  • Effective bass
  • Highly processed sound
  • Wireless capabilities require additional expenses
  • Not the best value
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Bottom line

The Sonos Playbar offers solid performance, ease of use and premium features such as Sonos's signature digital music software. Movies and music sound great, and bass is fairly deep even though the Sonos Playbar lacks a discrete subwoofer. It's not for everyone, though -- audio purists will be turned off by its highly processed sound, others by its price tag. But if you're looking for a solid sound bar that doubles as a wireless media center, the Sonos Playbar has no equal.


Excellent virtual surround sound. Experts say the Sonos Playbar does an excellent job of creating a simulated surround-sound effect. CNET's Matthew Moskovciak says the Playbar's sound field not only filled the entire room but also created the illusion of sound coming from the sides. But because it uses a lot of digital processing to achieve this  -- much more than other sound bars -- the resulting audio sounds artificial. Experts say purists who prefer their audio systems to sound natural will not be impressed. While the Playbar delivers bass that's fairly deep overall, it can't compete with sound bars that use a separate subwoofer. Experts say sound quality is very good for movies, and dialogue is crisp and clear.


A sleek sound bar. At 3.35 inches high, there's little chance that the Sonos Playbar will block your TV's sensor; and if it does, there's a signal repeater to relay remote inputs. The 35.43-inch-wide sound bar sports a sleek black-and-gray aesthetic, and can be placed flat on a tabletop or mounted flush against the wall via keyhole brackets. Connectivity is sparse, consisting of only one optical audio input, one power port and two Ethernet jacks. Experts say setup is fairly straightforward overall.


Includes Sonos's digital music software. The Sonos Playbar includes Sonos's staple digital-music software, which experts rave about. This lets you stream music from your personal library or media services such as Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Cloud Player. While the Playbar is considered to be wireless, experts note that one Sonos product on your system will require a hardwired Ethernet connection. CNET's Matthew Moskovciak recommends the Sonos Bridge (Est. $50) for this purpose. Dolby surround-sound decoders are built in, but usually won't come into play unless you attach components such as Blu-ray players directly to the sound bar. Many experts and owners are also disappointed that there's no DTS support.


Not for everyone. The Sonos Playbar isn't the best value out there, and most will have a hard time justifying the $700 price tag. Other sound bars offer better sound quality for much less money, but few can match the Playbar's simulated surround-sound field and digital music-streaming features. In addition, the Playbar is a logical choice for those already invested in a Sonos system.

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