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Honeywell HZ-7200 EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater

*Est. $50
November 2012
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Honeywell HZ-7200 EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater

  • Evenly heats small or medium-size rooms
  • Effective safety features
  • Quiet when running
  • Makes clicking noise when turning on and off
  • May not warm large spaces
  • Some reports of it breaking easily

Bottom line

The Honeywell HZ-7200 EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater is brawny enough to heat a small room but small enough to double as a personal heater. Reports from professionals and owners agree that the HZ-7200 is an effective heater that warms rooms evenly with its oscillation setting. It also passes safety tests from pros and owners who have kids and pets. However, it may not be the best bet for large rooms -- or at least heating them quickly. There are some reports of it breaking, but these users don't provide details on return attempts or their experiences with Honeywell customer service.


A great personal and small room heater, but less effective with large spaces. The Honeywell HZ-7200 EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater functions well as a small room heater or a personal heater. Because it oscillates, this model can quickly and easily warm an entire room, but some owners recommend using it in small rooms because it's less effective at combating the chill of larger spaces. Professional reviews also disagree about how long it takes to warm an entire room -- Good Housekeeping says it heats rapidly, while  tester Stephen Treffinger of The New York Times says it took an hour to heat his entire room. At, there are also some reports of this heater breaking after only a few months or years -- reviewers don't say whether they tried to return it to the manufacturer. A few users also say it doesn't maintain heat effectively, but these reviewers are in the minority.

Ease of use

Intuitive design. Nearly all reviewers say the Honeywell HZ-7200 is a breeze to use. It arrives in one piece and requires no set-up, plus it's lightweight. It has an easy to turn knob, though some users complain that the temperature can be set only in 5-degree increments. Good Housekeeping also points out that it lacks some bonus features, like a remote control, digital thermostat and timer.


Parents and pet owners give it a thumbs-up. Many owners praise the HZ-7200's safety features, including its cool-to-the-touch grille and tip-over switch. Owners say it consistently switches off when necessary, and it is great for homes with pets or kids. While Good Housekeeping's testing agrees with both points, editors do say it's particularly easy to knock this heater over.


Noisy to some. While pro testers report that this heater is very quiet, owners disagree. Most say it's quiet for the most part, but when it turns on and off, it makes a clicking sound. To maintain a constant temperature, the heater frequently turns off and on, and the noise can be particularly disruptive to light sleepers. However, it doesn't produce much noticeable white noise, so it is a good choice for rooms where conversations or TV use are common. 

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Our Sources


Review credibility: Very Good In general, space heaters receive lower average scores than most other product categories on The Honeywell HZ-7200 is no exception; it gets3.6 stars overall (out of 5) with about 85 reviews. Some users say that the heater effectively warmed their space without drastically increasing their electric bill; however, others say the fan doesn't work properly. Some say it never reaches (or maintains) the temperature indicated on the thermostat, which can only be adjusted in 5-degree increments  -- another complaint. Several others say it breaks after some use.

Review: Honeywell HZ-7200 Cool Touch Oscillating Heater w/ Smart Energy Digital Control Plus, Contributors to, As of November 2012

2. The New York Times

Review credibility: Good The author explains in detail how the heaters were tested, including heating a bedroom from 55 to 65 degrees and  being employed as a personal heater in an office. Stephen Treffinger says the Honeywell HZ-7200 is his favorite for use as a personal heater. He says it's easy to use, as well, with an intuitive dial. The heater did take an hour to warm an entire room when set to oscillate, but he says, "If the heater is aimed directly at you, you'll feel plenty warm."

Review: Road Test: Heating Your Space, Stephen Treffinger, Jan. 13, 2010


Review credibility: Good compiles user reviews for more than 150 space heaters. The Honeywell HZ-7200 earns 88 points out of 100 from 20 reviewers, putting it in a fourth-place tie. Most reviewers find this heater to be effective, though they disagree about how much space it can effectively heat. Some say it can heat small to medium-size rooms, while others contend it can heat very large spaces. Users say that the oscillation helps heat spaces evenly, and it keeps rooms a consistent temperature while cutting down on heating bills. One common complaint is that the heater makes clicking noises when it turns off and on to maintain a steady temperature. They say the heater's safety features work reliably.

Review: Honeywell Portable Oscillating Electric Heater, Contributors to, As of November 2012

4. Good Housekeeping

Review credibility: Good Good Housekeeping tested and rated 12 space heaters in February 2008. The Honeywell HZ-7200 is one of the two highest rated, with a score of an A-. Good Housekeeping reports that in their test room, the Honeywell HZ-7200 left no cold corners and heated the room quickly and evenly. They also report that it stays cool to the touch, as promised, and is lightweight, easy to set up and easy to use. They do note that it doesn't have all the features of some other heaters.

Review: Honeywell HZ-709 Whole Room Electric Radiator, Editors of Good Housekeeping, February 2008

5. Real Simple

Review credibility: Good Real Simple magazine reviews a slew of space heaters and names nine favorites; the Honeywell HZ-7200 is named the best all-around heater. Despite its size, Stephanie Sisco says this heater puts out as much heat as other winners.  She also notes that it's quiet and maintains a consistent temperature.

Review: Honeywell Energy Smart Cool Touch, Stephanie Sisco, Not Dated


Review credibility: Good sells about 80 portable heaters, though most receive fewer than 10 reviews --  the Honeywell HZ-7200 among them. It gets an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Most reviewers say it heats rooms quickly, evenly and effectively. A couple of users do report that it still requires a good deal of power and causes their fuse to blow at the highest setting.

Review: Honeywell Cool Touch Oscillating Heater, Contributors to, As of November 2012

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