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Lasko 5628 Remote Control Silent Room Heater

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November 2012
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Lasko 5628 Remote Control Silent Room Heater

  • Creates a lot of heat
  • Works silently
  • Gets hot to the touch
  • No fan, so it doesn't spread heat well
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Bottom line

The reviews we found for the Lasko Remote Control Silent Room Heater 5628 were positive. They report that the Lasko 5628 warms a room quickly and it works silently, as promised. Users also say the model is easy to use, and the remote control, timer and thermostat features work effectively and reliably. However, the reviews are lacking; The New York Times' review provides no insight into regular home use (the review only speaks to its ability to rapidly heat under testing circumstances), and user reviews generally don't offer details.


Can keep a bedroom warm. The Lasko Remote Control Silent Room Heater 5628 easily heats small spaces, reviewers say. Stephen Treffinger of The New York Times reports that the Lasko 5628 heated his 13-foot-by-13-foot bedroom the fastest of all  heaters tested. When used in the bedroom, some reviewers say this heater even allows them to turn off their central heat much of the time. However, most reviewers agree that it can't substitute central heating in larger rooms. It also lacks a fan and relies on natural convection. One user suggests using an overhead fan to help move the heat around.

Ease of use

Straightforward operation. Reviewers agree that this heater is easy to use, thanks to its digital thermostat and timer display. It's also lightweight and has handles, making transport  easier. Some users say that the heater's length (more than 3 feet) makes it difficult to maneuver.


Includes two basic safety features. The Lasko Remote Control Silent Room Heater has two key safety features, a tip-over switch and an overheat switch. Users report that the former works well, though the latter isn't formally tested. However, reviewers do note that while the heater won't burn most substances, it does get too hot to comfortably touch.


A silent source of heat. The Lasko 5628 is very quiet. It has no fan motor, meaning that it doesn't create much noise. There are no user reports of noise coming from this device.

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Our Sources

1. The New York Times

Review credibility: Good Stephen Treffinger says the Lasko 5628 heated his room in 15 minutes -- faster than any other heater tested. He says the unit does get hot to the touch on the outside, but the handles stay cool if you need to move it. However he doesn't offer many details on other units tested.

Review: Road Test: Heating Your Space, Stephen Treffinger, Jan. 13, 2010


Review credibility: Good compiles user reviews from websites, like, and The Lasko 5628 earns 70 reviews and gets an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Reviewers say that it provides warm, even heat throughout a room and does so silently. Some say they can use a handful of these units to warm an entire home, while others say just one 5628 in a bedroom warms it almost enough to turn their home's central heat off. The only negative review doesn't offer many details.

Review: Lasko 40 in. 1,500 Watt Electric Portable Silent Room Heater with Remote Control 5628, Contributors to, As of November 2012

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