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Updated February 28, 2014
Enell Sports Bra
Bottom Line

Reviewers say the Enell Sport works exactly as advertised, keeping even the largest breasts on lockdown. Despite its intimidating looks -- one owner calls it a "cross between a corset and a harness" -- most find it comfortable and effective at wicking sweat. However, women used to adjustable straps and stretchy fabric may not like the structured feel. Reviewers also caution that the full-coverage bra is hard to hide under some shirts.


Not as stretchy as other bras. Made of 90 percent nylon and 10 percent Lycra, the Enell Sport doesn't have as much give as other sports bras, in order to provide more support. It also has thick, non-adjustable straps that earn mixed reviews -- while most say the straps don't dig in and help relieve pressure, some wish for customizable length. Reviewers say the fabric is durable and does a good job of wicking sweat. There are few reports of chafing or other discomfort, and a wide elastic band helps keep the bra from riding up.

  • Effectively supports very large busts
  • Keeps users dry
  • Doesn't ride up
  • Accommodates up to 52DDD
  • Straps not adjustable
  • Obvious, full-coverage design


Iron-clad support for larger busts. Support is where the Enell Sport shines. The bra encapsulates and separates each breast, but the compression fabric also limits movement. It does not have an underwire. Designed specifically for well-endowed women, it's a great option for D cups and beyond, experts agree. As one reviewer notes, it's "a LOT of bra," and likely too much bra for smaller-busted women. Reviewers say the Enell Sport is ideal for high-impact workouts such as running, aerobics and cross-training. Enell uses a non-standard sizing system that corresponds roughly to sizes 32C through 52DDD. Owners say it's important to follow measurement guidelines for a proper fit.


Look elsewhere for something stylish. The Enell Sport has a high neckline, front hook-and-eye closures and a solid, full-coverage back. While reviewers note that these features make the bra more supportive, they say they also give it a utilitarian, "straitjacket" look. Most agree this isn't a bra you would wear without a shirt, or with anything remotely low-cut. In addition, several users say the bra's seaming is too conspicuous and shows through thin shirts, while others are turned off by the fabric's shiny finish. The bra comes in solid white, black, pink and ecru.

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