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Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel

*Est. $3.50 for 8.7 oz.
March 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel

Best pre-wash stain treatment

  • Easy-to-use applicator
  • Removes oil-based stains
  • Gets out the most difficult, set-in stains
  • More expensive per ounce
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When pre-treating stains, many users rely on spray-on liquids or solid sticks, but Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel offers the best of both products. Users say it soaks in and spreads easily, like a liquid, but clings to the offending spot like a stick. The Shout Advanced Gel is part of a family of Shout products with the same formula in varying concentrations. Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel is the most concentrated iteration, and comes packaged in a smaller bottle with a scrubbing applicator. Reviewers find Shout to be the best option for especially difficult or set-in stains, but for regular use, a laundry add-in, like OxiClean Versatile Stain Removing Powder (*Est. $6 for 1.5 lb.) may be sufficient. For less severe stains, Zout Stain Remover (*Est. $4.50 per 22 oz.) is a more budget-conscious option, and Tide To Go (*Est. $3 for 0.4 oz.) is best for stain removal when away from your washing machine. is the only source of a comparative review of Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel. It receives a nod for being the only product that can be used up to a week before washing. Laundry Guide Mary Marlowe Leverette also reviews Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel and gives it a near-perfect score. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.) She says it worked on both lipstick and grass stains that were several days old. Users at and praise the product's easy-to-use applicator and scrubbing head, and say it works better than any other product on set-in and oil-based stains.

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Shout Advanced Gel, 8.7-Ounce (Pack of 3)

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Our Sources

1. tests 14 laundry pre-treatments against each other and against a leading detergent without pre-treating. Eleven stain removers perform better than detergent alone. None of the products remove cocoa stains completely. Testers applaud Shout Advanced for its ability to be used up to a week before washing (as opposed to immediately before laundering, like other products).

Review: Which Stain Treatments Do Your Dirty Work?, Editors of, July 2011


In this list of 30-plus laundry stain removers, no stain pre-treatment receives 5 stars. However, Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel, Zout Laundry Stain Remover, Vaska Spotoff and Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover all receive 4.5 stars. Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel is effective for dirty and greasy stains, whereas many stain removers fall short when it comes to tackling oil-based stains, Leverette says. She also adds that it's easy to use and she likes that the gel "clings" to the soiled area. She uses it to remove set-in grass and lipstick stains.

Review: Laundry Guide Product Reviews: Stain Removers, Mary Marlowe Leverette


Not many stain-removal products receive enough reviews on to delineate a true favorite, but Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel appears to be the highest-performing stain pre-treatment, with 4.9 stars and more than a dozen reviews. Reviewers offer positive feedback, saying Shout is the only product they've found that works on all their stains. One reviewer says it works as well as the Shout stick gel that is no longer available. Consumers report especially good results with oil-based stains from olive oil.

Review: Stain Removers, Contributors to


Reviewers praise this product, giving it an average score of 92 out of 100. Several say it works better than any other stain remover they've tried, but one says she specifically saves it for the tougher stains (using a spray on lighter ones) because it is more expensive per application. Another reviewer says she likes Shout for its attached scrubbing head.

Review: Shout Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel 8.7 oz. Reviews, Contributors to

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