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StairMaster SC916 StairClimber

*Est. $4,300
November 2012
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StairMaster SC916 StairClimber

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  • Broad range of speed settings
  • Comfortable
  • Space-saving design
  • Large price tag
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Bottom line

The StairMaster SC916 is a commercial-quality stair climber built for home use. Despite robust construction, its compact 43 inch long by 27 inch wide footprint fits where most cardio equipment will not. The climber is covered by a lengthy warranty, including three-year coverage on parts. With its 10 workout plans and speed range of 26 to 174 steps per minute, it presents a challenge for all levels of exercisers.


A gym-quality workout at home: While reviews are scarce on the StairMaster SC916, a handful can be found on It is even more difficult, however, to find a negative review on this machine. Like many of the StairMaster machines, the SC916 is equipped with a patented independent pedal geometry, which keeps the pedals level throughout the stride. The ergonomic design of the climber places the handle rails at the natural height and angle with the LCD display. According to a review on, these small comforts mean "there is no undue stress put onto any part of your body through the course of your workout."

The speed ranges from 26 to 174 steps per minute, and the more expensive trims, which are based on the touch screen (we explain these in the "Ease of use" section), can automatically adjust to replicate real-world landmarks, such as the Taj Mahal or Statue of Liberty.

Ease of use

Plenty of perks: The SC916 has 10 total workout plans accessible from the control console, including a manual setting, fat burner, calorie burner, intervals, heart-rate zone trainer and more. Users can select a difficulty level for each workout plan. This allows users to properly work within their own comfort zones. There is a 15-inch LCD TV accessory option that attaches just above the display.

StairMaster offers three console options, or trims, on the SC916: the standard two-window LCD console (*Est. $4,300), 10-inch LCD touch screen (*Est. $5,150) and 10-inch LCD touch screen with TV tuner (*Est. $5,550). A 15-inch TV is available to mount above either console. We discuss the standard LCD option, which is easy to read thanks to the backlight. The console has an accessory tray and bottle holder, and charges Apple products, such as iPod, iPad, etc. The stair climber also syncs with Polar wireless heart-rate monitors and can conduct a fitness test on the user.

Users do not comment on assembly, but the SC916 is compact for its solid construction with a footprint that's approximately 43 inches wide by 27 inches long.


Built to stand the test of time: A solid piece of equipment, the SC916 lacks any complaints about its craftsmanship and is built to last.  One user comments, "It's the same as the gym Stairmasters." There are many cheaper alternatives on the market that will still provide a good workout, like the Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper (*Est. $130), but few will last as long as the SC916.

Customer service

Long wait for parts: With so few user reviews on the SC916, it is hard to assume anything definitive about the quality of customer service from the manufacturer. One user-reviewer was displeased to hear from customer service that it would take six to 12 weeks to receive a replacement part for his machine. Long wait aside, the company offers a generous warranty of 15 years for the frame, three years for mechanical parts and one year for labor and electronics.

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StairMaster SC916 Stepper

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