September 2011
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WhiteWing Steamer

  • High steam pressure and temperature
  • Two hours of cleaning time
  • Heavy-duty aluminum boiler
  • Auto shutoff for refilling
  • Expensive
  • Can't refill when hot
  • Heavier than inexpensive cleaners
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Professional testing and consumer reviews indicate that the WhiteWing Steamer is a well-built machine with a heavy-duty aluminum boiler and a good selection of quality attachments. Its 68-ounce tank has enough capacity to clean for two hours. While less expensive home steam cleaners produce steam below 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the WhiteWing produces steam at 285 degrees, better for cleaning tough stains and killing mold and bacteria. Safety features include a cap on the reservoir and an auto shutoff when it needs refilling. If you want to the ability to refill the steam cleaner without waiting for the boiler to cool down, the Ladybug 2300 with TANCS (Est. $1,825) has a separate water tank that makes it possible.

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WhiteWing II Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaner



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The sells steam cleaners and other allergy-related products, like the WhiteWing Steamer. Editors provide an expert review, including pros and cons. Approximately 20 owners have provided insightful comments. Only one owner was dissatisfied with the results on soap scum, mold and mildew.

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2. Allergy Consumer appears to be affiliated with, an online retailer of allergy-related products. The WhiteWing receives a 3-star rating (out of 4) based on a panel of seven testers. Two testers provide a detailed account on how the WhiteWing Steamer performed during routine household cleaning in their homes.

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The few reviews here for the WhiteWing Steamer are raves, with no significant negatives. All owners say it's worth the money.

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