Oreck Steam-it
Oreck Steam-it

Best Steam Mop

The Oreck Steam-it is a versatile steam mop, capable of tackling grime throughout the house. It includes a full array of accessories to clean floors, grout, mirrors, bathroom fixtures and upholstery. Experts say the Steam-it is a top performer, outlasting other mops with 35 minutes of continuous steam. Oreck's dry-steam design sanitizes in seconds, leaving very little water behind.
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Reliable Steamboy T2
Reliable Steamboy T2

Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo

Reviewers say the Reliable Steamboy T2 offers the most powerful combination of sweeper and mop. Thick bristles vacuum up dirt and hair, and super-heated steam sanitizes in five seconds. For fast cleanup of spills, the T2 can sweep and steam at the same time. A removable water tank, 180-degree swivel head and fast-attaching mop pads add to its convenience.
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A steam mop can leave your floor sparkling and sanitized

Steam mops can give your floor a spotless shine with less hassle than using a regular mop and bucket. Many also have the ability to disinfect by super-heating steam to 200 degrees Fahrenheit -- twice as hot as tap water -- which kills bacteria, viruses and mold.

A basic steam mop features a built-in water tank, an element to create hot-water vapor and a flat mop head. "Steam is nearly 100 percent effective in cleaning surfaces faster and easier," says Miamomiao Liu in Process Heating, a monthly trade magazine. "With its extremely high temperature, it can thoroughly clean and, in many cases, sanitize or disinfect surfaces without the introduction of chemical solutions." To sanitize, hold the steam mop in place for five to 20 seconds, depending on the model. When cleaning with just water, steam mops are inexpensive to operate and environmentally friendly. Most include microfiber mop pads that are washable and reusable.

Some steam mops also have vacuum features. "Steamers that also pick up dry debris eliminate the need to use a separate tool to sweep the floor before steaming," say the experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. However, many experts are less than impressed with these combo machines, and none outperform a regular steam mop in professional comparisons. In their evaluation, Good Housekeeping editors say, "Performance varied in our test, but most sweep-and-steam mops did at least a passable job at both tasks. While some allow you to sweep and clean simultaneously, don't count on it; you'll get the best performance doing each task separately."

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To find the best steam mops and vacuum steam mop combos, ConsumerSearch.com editors analyzed dozens of different models. Professional comparison tests are combined with owner reviews to determine each mop's cleaning performance, ease of use, reliability and helpful features. One is sure to leave your floor shining clean.

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