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Haan FS-20 Sanitizing Steam Mop

*Est. $80
May 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Haan FS-20 Sanitizing Steam Mop

  • Sanitizes quickly
  • Adjustable handle
  • Foot-pedal power switch
  • 15 continuous steam jets
  • Adaptors for carpet, hand use
  • Short power cord
  • Head doesn't pivot
  • 3-minute warm-up
  • Tank must cool before refilling
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The Haan FS-20 steam mop (sometimes called the Haan Classic FS-20) generates steam hot enough to kill germs and dust mites in just one second, so you can keep the mop moving, albeit at a slow pace. Unlike many steam mops that have only one steam vent on the cleaning head, the Haan's mop head has 15 holes to distribute an even, continuous flow of vapor. The power switch is located on the foot pedal so you don't have to hold down a trigger or pump the handle as with other steam mops, and the Haan weighs less than 4 pounds when full of water. Handle length is adjustable, and indicator lights tell you when steam is ready and when to refill. An optional carpet tray attachment (*Est. $10) lets you use the FS-20 as a carpet sanitizer, while a short handle (*Est. $10) enables handheld steaming. These attachments are sometimes packaged with the steam mop as the Haan FS-20 Plus.

There are drawbacks, however. A number of reviewers complain about how long it takes the Haan to warm up -- three minutes, as opposed to 30 seconds for the Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop (*Est. $80) -- and several also say they wish the 15-foot power cord were longer. A small portion of users report the Haan FS-20 steam mop's power switch and indicator lights failing or the handle breaking within the first year of use, though these quality-control and durability issues appear to plague all steam mops.

Haan steam mops aren't covered by the professional comparison tests we found, but we did find two comparison tests published at and The review at is more detailed, but the reviewer at is a professional tester and compares the Haan FS-20 with seven other steam mops. We found the most owner-written reviews at, reinforced by similar pros and cons at many other retail sites.

Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, Green Tea, 1867-7
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Haan FS20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop

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Our Sources

1. Hall of Fame reviewer "Chandler" enlists her neighbors in a comparison test of seven steam mops and uses a commercial cooking thermometer to measure the temperature of the steam from each mop. The Haan FS-20 earns kudos for its design and sanitizing heat, but the handle is judged flimsy.

Review: The Top Steam Mops, "Chandler", Aug. 7, 2009


Of the 100-plus owners reviewing the Haan FS-20 here, most say they're very happy with it. In particular, owners praise the Haan FS-20 for its ability to generate steam that's hot enough to sanitize. However, quite a few consumers report defective units or early breakdowns. Most owners say it cleans very well, but some complain that it doesn't, especially on floors with grout or a lot of texture.

Review: Haan FS20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop, Contributors to


More than 240 owners review the Haan FS-20 Plus (the Haan FS-20 packaged with the carpet glider), giving it an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars. A relatively short power cord, flimsy handle construction and longer heat-up wait are cited as shortcomings, but in general, users find the Haan FS-20 cleans floors effectively and is quiet and easy to use.

Review: Haan FS20 Plus Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer with Deluxe Sanitizing Tray, Contributors to


Only a few owners have reviewed the Haan FS-20. One reviewer, a self-described "product tester for a TV station," ranks it above seven other models for its light weight, cleaning ability and versatility with the carpet glider (*Est. $10) and short handle (*Est. $10) attachments. All reviewers give the Haan FS-20 the highest possible rating.

Review: Haan FS-20 Stick Steam Cleaner, Contributors to


Both experts and users recommend the Haan FS-20 for its excellent sanitizing and overall convenience, awarding it 4 stars out of 5. Owners praise the microfiber pads for their absorption, but the hook and loop fasteners by which the pads attach can be hard to loosen. The lack of a swiveling head makes the FS-20 difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, such as around the toilet.

Review: Haan FS20 Steam Mops, Editors of and Contributors to


The Haan FS-20 Plus (the Haan FS-20 packaged with the carpet glider) earns a perfect score from the handful of owner reviews on Users are very pleased with the high heat and continuous steam output of the Haan FS-20, and they say it cleans their floors very efficiently without much water residue.

Review: Haan FS-20+ Classic Steam Mop, Contributors to


About 10 owners review the Haan FS-20 here, most giving it the highest possible ratings. Owners praise its ease of use, cleaning ability and versatility with the carpet glider (*Est. $10) and short handle (*Est. $10) attachments. However, one owner is disappointed in how little steam is generated.

Review: Haan -- Steam-Cleaning Floor Sanitizer, Contributors to


This anonymous reviewer discusses four steam mops and offers helpful ideas on what to look for in a steam mop. The Haan FS-20 Plus stands out for its light weight and versatility, but the reviewer says its cloth pads are difficult to attach to the head and the use of an extension cord is probable owing to the steam mop's short power cord.

Review: The Four Best Steam Mop Cleaners, "Jool", Not Dated


This blogger details the pros and cons of the Haan FS-20 Plus (the Haan FS-20 with the carpet-sanitizing tray and attachments). She praises the Haan FS-20 Plus for its light weight, quiet use, adjustable handle and ease of cleaning the mop heads. Her only critiques are that the power cord is not as long as she would like and that the mop leaves water behind when she tries to sanitize the couch or pillows.

Review: Haan FS20 Steam Mop Review, "Lana", April 16, 2010


The Haan FS-20 is the top pick in's roundup of the best steam mops. The review functions as a summary of the Haan FS-20's attributes, and gives no indication whether any actual testing was done. In terms of comparison in the field, the writer says that the Haan FS-20 is a little easier to move around than other steam mops due to its light weight.

Review: Haan FS20-Plus 800-Watt Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer Review, "Tina H."


This independent user review website provides overall product scores on a scale of 1 to 100. Individuals also review products and rate various aspects of their performance on a scale of 1 to 5. Reviewed by over 30 users, the Haan FS-20 earns an overall product score of 85 out of 100. Most users appreciate the steam mop's light body and its sanitizing and cleaning capability, but some report the Haan FS-20 leaving behind streaks and overly wet floors. Users also complain of the power cord length and issues with the pads.

Review: Haan Classic Steam Mop FS-20 Reviews, Contributors to

12. Apartment

Contributor Aaron Able tests the Haan FS-20 on his apartment's neglected wooden floors and ceramic tiles. He recommends the Haan FS-20 based on how clean it leaves floors and the fast drying time, but he dislikes the small water reservoir, which needed filling twice to clean the floors in his small apartment.

Review: Test Lab: Haan Steam Floor Sanitizer, Aaron Able, May 21, 2009

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