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Steam Mop Rating Sources

1. Steam Mop Reviews, Erica Ryan, As of July 2016
As part of this informational website on steam mops and cleaning with steam, Erica Ryan gives detailed reviews on a handful of models. Using hands-on testing in a real-world setting (her home), Ryan discusses how each model handles, how well it cleans and how easy it is to use. She names the Haan Multiforce, the Bissell 1940 PowerFresh and the Hoover TwinTank as her top three.
2. Steam Cleaner Reviews, Editors of, As of July 2016
This British website has a handful of very detailed reviews of steam mops, although some are available only in the UK. There are also some name differences between mops available in both the UK and the U.S., although the mops may be otherwise identical. Reviews are very hands on and each includes a thorough breakdown and an overall rating of a maximum of 5 stars. Steam cleaners are also reviewed here.
3. Steam Mops, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Thousands of users comment on steam mops at, but most models don't get very good ratings -- there are only a few that get better than 4 stars. This is an excellent resource for a good overview of a steam mop's durability as many owners go back after months or years to update an original review. Also, manufacturers often comment on negative reviews, offering a window into their customer service.
4. Steam Mop, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Owners rate and review steam mops at, which offers brands such as Shark, Bissell, Haan and Hoover. Some steam mops get hundreds of reviews, and they tend to be detailed and helpful. Reviewers can also say if they would recommend the steam mop to a friend.
5. Steam Mops, Contributors, As of July 2016
While does not carry as many steam mops as some other sources, it is a very helpful site for those looking to find reviews of some of the most popular steam mops. Most get at least 100, with some getting several hundred reviews. Buyers can say if they would recommend the product to a friend, and all of the reviews are unique to
6. Steam Mops, Contributors to, As of July 2016
There are not very many steam mops available at, and they don't get as many reviews as seen at sites such as or -- although a couple of popular models get several hundred. Most of the feedback is from users, while other reviews are taken from the manufacturer's website.
7. Steam Mops, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Credibility: is a popular destination for household products and they carry nearly 20 different steam mops. As with some other review sites, many of the reviews are imported from the manufacturer's website, rather than being unique to
8. Steam Mops, Editors of, As of July 2016
Editors test and rate a variety of items on this retail website, including a handful of steam mops. Only those that steam at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or more, are user-friendly and don't super-heat the handle are included on their list, so reviews of some of the most popular mops are not available.
9. The 5 Best Steam Mops, Sarah Aguirre, May 31, 2016
Sarah Aguirre, a cleaning expert at, names her five top steam mops. It's clear that she tested each mop, but this is obviously an older review in spite of its 2016 date, as some of the named mops have been replaced by newer models. Also, her top-rated steam mop gets very poor reviews from users.
10. Good Housekeeping Steam Mop Reviews, Editors of Good Housekeeping, June 2012
While this used to be considered a very valuable resource because it's one of the largest professional comparisons of steam mops, its age (all the reviews are from 2012) has dropped it down our list. Some models have been discontinued; others get very poor long-term user reviews for durability. And, in other cases, newer technology has made these mops quaint to obsolete.
11. Steam Mops, Editors of, Not Dated
There are only a few steam mops included in this professional roundup, which is available only to subscribers of However, this is an archived review and the top tested mops that are still available get extremely poor owner reviews.
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