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SteamFast SF-140 Steam Mop

*Est. $50
May 2012
by ConsumerSearch
SteamFast SF-140 Steam Mop

  • Adjustable swiveling handle
  • Affordable
  • Pedal power switch
  • Easy to fill and maneuver
  • Very small water reservoir
  • Long warm-up time
  • Durability complaints
  • Sanitizing takes 15 seconds
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Reviews praise the Steamfast SF-140 as a good budget-priced steam mop. It features an adjustable, swiveling handle that's long enough even for tall users (with a maximum length of 47 inches). The machine-washable microfiber covers attach easily with hook-and-loop fasteners, owners say, and a power switch on the foot pedal is easy to use. The 4.8-pound weight is reasonable, and indicator lights show when steam is ready or the reservoir needs filling. Extra microfiber covers are available (*Est. $15 for two).

Reviewers say there are some drawbacks -- in particular, the fact that it takes three minutes for the Steamfast to generate steam. Other shortcomings include a 19-foot power cord, which some users say is too short, and a 7-ounce water reservoir, which provides only about seven minutes of steam and leaks if overfilled. The reservoir is fine for small areas, but for longer steam time at about the same price point, reviews recommend the Eureka Envirosteamer 313A (*Est. $55).

We found only one comparison review that includes the SF-140; the test was performed by a group of neighbors in Austin, Texas, with results posted at We found the most owner-written reviews of the Steamfast SF-140 at, where over 450 users report on their experiences. Reviews at and fill in some details and give the steam mop the same reasonably high average rating. The review at ranks this model as the best budget steam mop based on its features, price and owner-written reviews, but it doesn't document any testing.

Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A
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SteamFast SF-140 1000-Watt Hard-Floor Steam Mop

 (139 reviews)
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Our Sources

1. reviews and rates 10 steam mops, discussing their effectiveness on certain flooring types, residual water left on the floor and how long the units produced steam. In addition, it offers a buying guide and forums to discuss common questions about steam mops. Though offers an area for user reviews, at the time of this report no user reviews have been posted.

Review: Recommended Steam Mops, Editors of and Contributors to


This detailed comparison review of seven steam mops is based on tests done by a group of neighbors in Austin, Texas. The Steamfast SF-140 Steam Mop is praised for its affordability, but testers say it's somewhat flimsy. The water tank is small and can overfill easily, resulting in water leaks.

Review: The Top Steam Mops, "Chandler", Aug. 7, 2009


At, the Steamfast SF-140 earns an average of 4 stars out of 5 based on more than 465 reviews. Many owners say that they wish the cord were longer or the water reservoir bigger. Some report durability problems, and others complain that the floor is left too wet. But the majority, about 78 percent, like the SF-140, reporting that the Steamfast mop is easy to push, cleans well and heats quickly.

Review: SteamFast Hard Floor Steam Mop, SF-140, Contributors to


The almost 100 owners reviewing the Steamfast SF-140 at give it an above average 3.8-star rating. Though many owners complain that a small reservoir limits the cleaning time and that the mop has a flimsy design, they also believe that for the price the Steamfast SF-140 is a great buy. A few owners report defective units that are unable to produce steam or that stop working after a few uses.

Review: SteamFast SF-140 1000-Watt Hard-Floor Steam Mop, Contributors to


This review names the Steamfast SF-140 the best budget steam mop, noting that it gets mixed reviews from owners but for the price is a good value with good features -- especially the long adjustable handle and the foot-pedal power switch. No testing is documented.

Review: Steam Fast SF-140 Steam Mop, Mariette Mifflin, Dec. 4, 2009


The Steamfast SF-140 Steam Mop gets the highest user reviews on this site, with a 4.6-star rating out of 5 stars from over 175 users. Owners like its ease of use, but many wish it had a longer power cord and a larger water reservoir. For the price, they agree it is a good buy.

Review: SteamFast Steam Mop and Hard Floor Sanitizer, Contributors to

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