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In a neck-to-neck race between MOG and Spotify for the title of "best streaming music service," the majority of reviewers give MOG a slight nod. Experts say both offer great value and a massive catalog, but MOG's best-in-class mobile apps and 320 kbps streaming audio quality combine with an overall superior level of polish to make it the streaming music service to beat. Adjustable radio options and unlimited offline cache options for mobile phones only sweeten the pot. There are some drawbacks, however: MOG's social options are lacking compared to Rdio's, and as a wholly web-based service MOG can't integrate songs stored on your hard drive into its service as Spotify's stand-alone program can. The free ad-supported version offers limited listening each month; paid plans are ad-free and have no listening limits. For $10 per month, you can use MOG on your mobile device.
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*Est. $5 and up; free version available Estimated Price
Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio

Best radio-format streaming music

Some people prefer the less labor-intensive experience of radio-style listening to MOG's on-demand focus. Slacker Radio offers over 150 DJ-curated stations covering almost every niche imaginable, and they're all available for an unlimited amount of free ad-supported listening. Slacker's device support bests most other streaming music services', and it's available for free to boot. Slacker Radio Plus subscribers also get ABC News and ESPN Radio stations and lose the ads and limits of the free offering, while $10 Premium subscribers can stream any of Slacker's 10 million-plus songs on demand, combining the best of both worlds. Slacker's sound quality is nowhere near MOG's high level, but fine enough for most listeners. Its social options are few.
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*Est. $4 and up; free version available Estimated Price

Social music-sharing service

Most experts prefer MOG or Spotify overall, but if you like your music streaming to be a more social experience, Rdio shines. The service encourages users to see what other users are listening to, and you can send others song recommendations in-service. Multiple users can collaborate to create playlists; you can also listen to radio stations composed of tracks your friends are listening to. However, if you aren't interested in the social interaction, reviewers say MOG offers better audio quality and a slightly higher level of polish overall. Like MOG, Rdio has strict time limits for free listening.
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*Est. $5 per month and up; free version available Estimated Price
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Streaming Music Services Runners Up:

Spotify $5 per month and up; free version available

10 picks including:, CNET…

Pandora $36 per year; free version available

5 picks including:,…

Rhapsody *Est. $10 per month and up

4 picks including:, CNET…

Grooveshark $6 per month and up; free version available

3 picks including:,…

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