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May 2012
by ConsumerSearch

Best streaming music service

  • Broad music catalog
  • Best mobile apps
  • Very polished interface
  • Highest sound quality
  • Unlimited offline cache in mobile devices
  • Innovative radio function
  • Can't integrate users' personal collection into catalog
  • Basic social options
  • Limited listening in free version
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Experts find few things to criticize about MOG. The streaming music service carries over 14 million different songs, and the vast majority stream at a best-in-class 320 kbps audio quality, unless your Internet connection is slow. Separate roundups from different publications claim that MOG has the best Android and iPad apps among all the streaming music services -- helped in part by an offline cache feature that's limited only by the size of your phone or tablet's hard drive -- and the clean, polished look of its standard web-based interface wins praise, as well. MOG is one of the few on-demand services that actually receives kudos for its radio function, although experts say it is far more limited than the stations offered by streaming music services with a radio-style focus, such as Slacker Radio (*Est. $4 and up; free version available) . Slacker Radio also offers on-demand music listening.

Critics say there are a few minor nits to pick with MOG, however. The free version places strict listening limits on users, although you can earn more free tunes by sharing songs on social media. Tying in to that, while MOG gives users the ability to post tracks to Facebook and Twitter, it offers little else with a social focus. Experts say that shouldn't matter if you're looking for a straightforward, solitary listening experience, however.

MOG is one of the most-reviewed streaming music services around, with critiques available from several technology websites, including CNET,, Laptop Magazine and Audio enthusiast sources such as Sound and Vision magazine, and also offer useful reviews. Personal blogger Benjamin Rose contributes a deep and detailed comparison of MOG and Spotify.

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This thorough examination compares MOG and Spotify head-to-head, with a full page of detailed analysis provided for each. Direct comparisons between the two are made, as well. MOG wins in pretty much every category. "It's really no contest," Chris Connaker writes.

Review: MOG v. Spotify Part I, Chris Connaker, Aug. 24, 2011


Benjamin Rose decides the opposite in this lengthy, category-based review. While he slightly prefers MOG's higher-quality tunes, Rose picks Spotify as the winner because he finds its interface easier to use off the bat.

Review: MOG versus Spotify: Review of Streaming Music Services, Benjamin Rose, Oct. 20, 2011


Karyne Levy doesn't devote as much space to MOG as she does to Rdio or Spotify, but she says that it's the pick for audiophiles and people who want to stream music through home audio electronics (like the Logitech Squeezebox).

Review: Which Music Service Should You Use?, Karyne Levy, Nov. 18, 2011

4. Sound & Vision Magazine

MOG handily defeats Spotify in this comparison after being named the victor in every single category examined. Griffin says that although Spotify's music library is technically larger, he finds MOG's catalog to have less gaps in coverage from major artists.

Review: Streaming Deathmatch: Spotify Premium vs. MOG, Al Griffin, July 19, 2011


MOG's consistently high-quality 320 kbps audio streams earns it the crown in this roundup, which focuses on the sound of several streaming music services as they stream through home theater devices and mobile apps. "MOG offers the best listening experience available from a streaming service, and given the absence of any glaring flaws, I see no reason to look anyplace else," Grandberg writes.

Review: Comparing the Audio Quality of Streaming Music Services at Home and Portably, John Grandberg, Nov. 15, 2011


MOG comes in third, behind Rdio and Spotify, in this multi-service comparison. Covert finds little to dislike about MOG's core service and functionality, but simply prefers Rdio's social features and Spotify's free listening mode and personal song integration.

Review: The Best Streaming Music Service, Adrian Covert, Feb. 4, 2011

7. Laptop Magazine

MOG earns a 3.5 (out of 5) rating and a spot on the list of the five best streaming music services at Laptop Magazine. MOG's speedy search function and high-quality audio earn praise, but reviewer Mike Kobrin wishes there were more social features.

Review: MOG Review, Mike Kobrin, Feb. 4, 2011


MOG takes the crown once again in this three-service roundup review of MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody's offerings for Apple devices and computers. MOG's play controls, innovative slider-based radio feature and excellent search capabilities net it a 4 (out of 5) rating.

Review: Which Cloud Jukebox Rises to the Top?, Adam Berenstain, April 4, 2011


MOG dominates the competition once again, taking three of the four categories examined in this review and tying Rdio and Spotify in price, the last criterion. "Compared to Rdio's iPad app and Spotify for iPhone, MOG has the best experience for simply playing music," Josh Constine writes.

Review: What's the Best iPad Streaming Music App? MOG's New iPad App vs Rdio vs Spotify, Josh Constine, March 26, 2012


Ryan Whitwam performs a similar streaming music service app review, only this one focuses on Android apps. Once again, MOG takes the cake thanks to its best-in-class interface and audio quality, although Whitwam notes there can sometimes be a delay between pressing Play and the time it takes the music to start.

Review: Rdio vs. Spotify vs. MOG vs. Rhapsody: Streaming Music Subscriptions on Android, Ryan Whitwam, Dec. 9, 2011


Sean Ludwig echoes many other reviewers in saying that MOG's major negative is its relative lack of social options. That alone nudges it slightly behind Spotify, earning MOG second place in this roundup. He recommends MOG to one particular niche especially, however: "If you're an audiophile like me, this is your service."

Review: Top 5 On-Demand Streaming Music Services Feat. Spotify, MOG and Rdio, Sean Ludwig, Sept. 17, 2011


MOG comes in second only to Slacker Radio in's list of the top seven streaming music services. Mark Harris finds few things to fault in his review of MOG; he especially likes the high audio quality, widespread device support and music discovery tools. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)

Review: MOG Review: Unlimited Streaming with Mobile Support, Mark Harris

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