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Echo SRM-225i

*Est. $260
June 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Echo SRM-225i

  • Powerful
  • Easy to start
  • Bump feed system works well
  • Five-year warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Relatively heavy
  • Can stall on a half-empty tank
  • Two-stroke engine; have to mix oil and gas

The Echo SRM-225i gas string trimmer shares most of its features with the less expensive Echo SRM-225 (*Est. $200) . Like the 225, it has a five-year warranty, 21.2 cc engine, a 17-inch cutting path and a bump-feed system that users say works well. The main differentiator is the 225i's more advanced starting system, which Echo says reduces starting effort by 75 percent.

Reviewers say that the 225i is easy to start, and they add that the trimmer has ample power and is easy to reload when the cutting string runs out. However, at 12.5 pounds, it's a bit heavy for some users. Another quirk that expert reviewers at point out is that the fuel tank is positioned so that the trimmer can stall when it's tilted, if the tank isn't completely full. They recommend dealing with the problem by topping off the tank and doing edging chores first, then going back to finish trimming.

Like all two-stroke gas trimmers, this trimmer requires owners to mix oil and gas, but otherwise it's easy to maintain, according to the expert reviewers. Another consideration with this trimmer is its elevated price tag. For roughly the same amount, you can purchase the best-reviewed Husqvarna 223L (Est. $250) , which  weighs less and  gets excellent reliability ratings.

Testers at Popular Mechanics give the Echo SRM-225i top marks, naming it the best of six gas-powered trimmers evaluated in a comparison test. This trimmer also gets a detailed write-up based on hands-on testing from the reviewers at Owner reviews for this trimmer are very limited in number, but we found about more than a dozen at, most of which are positive.

Echo SRM-225 21.2 cc Gas Power Straight Shaft Trimmer
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Editors at Popular Mechanics compare the Echo SRM-225i to five other gas trimmers and give it top billing for its "nearly explosive power and torque." Despite its exceptional performance and "robust skidplate," editors quibble with the trimmer's sliding lever rather than an automatic stop switch.

Review: The Best New String Trimmers: Comparison Test, Roy Berendsohn


In this single-product review, Everett Snyder gives the Echo SRM-225i 8 points out of 10 on performance and 7 out of 10 on value for the money. Snyder says the trimmer is very easy to start and maintain, and the "Effective U-turn bump head" is easy to reload. His main complaint is that the position of the gas tank allows the trimmer to stall if it's tilted when it's not completely full.

Review: Echo SRM-225i Trimmer Review, Everett Snyder, July 23, 2010


We found more than 15 reviews for the Echo SRM-225i at, with an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Most reviewers praise this trimmer's power and ease of use, although a few find it a bit heavy. The only real complaint comes from a user who says the trimmer refused to start.

Review: ECHO 2-Cycle 21.2 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, Contributors to


There is more feedback at -- about 125 reviews -- for the Echo SRM-225, a cousin to the SRM-225i. One particularly helpful review comes from an owner who says that he originally planned to buy the pricier trimmer but changed his mind after a repairman advised him that the SRM-225i's advanced starting system is more likely to malfunction.

Review: ECHO 2-Cycle 21.2 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, Contributors to

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