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Inglesina Zippy

*Est. $300
August 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Inglesina Zippy

  • Fully adjustable handles
  • Folds with one hand
  • Large canopy
  • Snack tray no longer available
  • Flimsy cup holder
  • Harness doesn't fit infants well

While many strollers claim to be easy to fold, the Inglesina Zippy actually delivers, say parents posting comments at review sites. It can be folded with one hand, can accept a Graco car seat, and has a fully reclining seat, large sun canopy and adjustable handle. The seat can be hand-washed. However, reviewers tend to give it low marks for the features it used to have but no longer offers: an included snack tray and foot muff.


Five-point harness is good, but not for infants. The Zippy's five-point harness is unpadded and may not adjust small enough for infants. It has dual, one-touch linked brakes, a swing-away bumper bar and an adjustable crotch strap -- all good things. The stroller is also car seat adaptable, but with straps, not a snap-in feature; the latter is considered safer.

Ease of use

The super-easy fold is just the beginning. While the Zippy's most popular feature is its one-handed compact fold, everything on this stroller seems simple to use, from the canopy to the linked brakes. Yet it gets mixed reviews on ease of pushing: Some owners say it's a breeze but others warn that it gets difficult with bigger children. At least one professional review site says it doesn't maneuver well at all.

Lifestyle features

Good for small car trunks, but not lightweight. Suburban parents will love the fact that the Zippy folds small enough to fit into even compact car trunks, but at 22.4 pounds it's not exactly lightweight -- which we consider to be less than 17 pounds. Before buying, make sure you can lift it in and out of the trunk easily. It does have a side carry handle that makes lifting and carrying more convenient, as well as a standing fold that parents who take public transportation appreciate.

The Zippy has good upper and lower weight ratings, from newborn with car seat (adapters included) or bassinet (*Est. $240) to 40 pounds. However, a newborn can't use it without either the bassinet or the car seat, and both add significantly to the price. Reviewers say it's comfortable for their toddlers and older children once they can sit in the seat.

Good for shorter and taller parents with a fully adjustable handle, the Zippy has a large, adjustable canopy with a window that can unzip for ventilation. The footrest is also adjustable for comfort. A large underseat basket is easily accessible from the front and sides, but not the back. The stroller has swivel front wheels that can be made to lock and includes a cup holder.

Customer Service.

Standard warranty. The Inglesina Zippy is covered by a one-year warranty.

The bottom line

The Inglesina Zippy isn't a bad stroller, but it's not a great stroller, either. It's expensive for its features, and purchasing the bassinet adds significantly to the price. If your first priority is a small fold and you primarily need a stroller for a baby older than 6 months, this may be a good option.

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Very good The editors at rate 35 full-featured strollers for ease of use, maneuverability and safety. While the testing is commendable, editors give virtually no written details about the strollers and the report is outdated, with several models having been discontinued. Durability and the reality of long-term, everyday use aren't taken into account.

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Very good Schultz demonstrates the Inglesina Zippy with an infant and notes that the harness straps don't fit well on a smaller child, but that's her only real criticism. She particularly likes the true one-handed fold and how compact it is. At the time of this review, the Zippy still came with a foot muff and snack tray.

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Very good The Inglesina Zippy earns 4.6 stars out of 5 in more than 85 reviews, but the comments on this site aren't very recent. Owners like that the stroller is car seat adaptable yet accommodates an infant even without the car seat. Its easy fold is popular, too. Several users express disappointment that the Zippy no longer includes a snack tray and they can't buy one separately.

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Good This well-organized site offers ratings based on parent interviews in 11 categories. While strollers aren't ranked, they can be compared based on scores. Overall, the Inglesina Zippy gets a good grade, with some points deducted for squeaky wheels and a flimsy cup holder. The one-handed fold is a big plus.

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7. Celebrity Baby Blog

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