Mutsy Evo

  • Reversible seat
  • Compact fold
  • Adaptable with car seat and bassinet
  • Large, easy-to-access under-seat storage basket
  • Short seat back
  • No parent or child console

Bottom Line

The Mutsy Evo gets high marks from owner and expert reviewers for its "affordable luxury" and compact fold. The Evo can be used with its included reversible seat, an infant carrycot (Est. $190) or as a car-seat travel system with an adapter (*Est. $35). It gets particularly good reviews for its easy push and maneuverability. There is currently a consumer safety alert on this stroller, but no action has yet been taken to recall it.


Important safety alert. The Mutsy Evo was recently designated as a Don't Buy: Safety Risk due to strangulation hazard by Testers found that the grab bar does not meet the passive containment section of the American Society for Testing and Materials safety standards. This means there is a strangulation hazard if the child is not properly secured with the five-point safety harness. More information is available at

Since the only significant complaint about this stroller from reviewers is that the five-point harness is easy for a toddler to undo, this may require extra vigilance on the part of parents to be sure their child is well secured at all times.

The Evo's other safety features are good. The stroller has linked rear brakes that engage via a central brake lever that users say is quick and easy to operate by foot. There is a removable, adjustable bumper bar and a padded, adjustable five-point harness.

The Evo locks closed automatically in the folded position to prevent accidental opening, and the front swivel wheels can be locked in the forward-facing position. There are no complaints of tipovers with this stroller; reviewers say it offers a stable ride on mixed terrain. The Evo'shood has a rigid frame that locks in place for stability in wind.

Ease of Use

Exceptionally simple to use. The majority of reviewers and users say that the Mutsy Evo is amazingly maneuverable and smooth, with two 9-inch front swivel wheels and two 11-inch rear wheels with suspension. Great for tall and short parents, the Evo has a four-position adjustable handle that can be set at 34 inches on the low end and 45 inches on the high end. Users and respected product testers say that the hard rubber wheels perform well on grass, mixed playground surfaces, and gravel -- and note that you won't have to worry about flats. Users describe the wheels as responsive, which may mean you need to engage the brakes more often than you would with some strollers. While most reviewers say the swivel wheels allow for easy navigation in tight places and on "obstacle courses", one respected reviewer says that the turning radius is wide and that the stroller struggles over ordinary obstacles like curbs and stairs. This outlying critique also says the stroller is harder to push on mixed surfaces and that the lack of front wheel suspension results in vibrations that can be felt throughout the frame.

Reviewers note that the Evo takes a few extra steps to fold, but say the resulting, compact rectangle is worth the effort. Unlike other strollers with reversible seats, the Evo can be folded with the seat on in either direction (although it folds most compactly when the seat is forward facing). At 26 pounds with seat, the Evo isn't the lightest stroller, but reviewers note it is far from the heaviest in its class. Removing the seat brings the chassis weight down to 18 pounds and makes the fold even more compact. The wheels can also be popped off quickly when space is limited. Reviewers love the sturdy rubber handle that makes carrying the folded stroller much easier.  Users say getting this stroller into and out of the car is much easier than other luxury strollers.

The Evo seat is easy to release and secure in the forward or backward facing position on the chassis mounts. The seat reclines easily with a one-hand operable lever and the adjustable leg rest is described as easy to do with push-button functionality.  Reviewers say getting the carrycot or car seat onto the chassis is a bit more tricky because they both require separate adapters to mount them on the frame.

Removable fabrics on the stroller can be hand washed while non-removable fabrics and the frame can be wiped clean. We have not encountered any complaints about cleaning this stroller.

Lifestyle Features

High ratings for style and versatility. The Mutsy Evo can be customized with two chassis finishes-black and silver-paired with six color choices for the seat and cot and fabrics that reviewers describe as top notch for looks and durability. The handle bar gets high marks for its durable and luxurious leatherette wrapping.

Mutsy says that the three-position adjustable recline seat is intended for use from 6 months old and up, but reviewers say it can be used from birth thanks to its nearly flat recline. The adjustable footrest can be locked straight up and attached to the bumper bar to create a bassinet-like environment for little ones. Reviewers say the seat is wide and deep enough to accommodate children of all ages. However, the canopy is not very high and taller toddlers may not fit comfortably. The Evo can also be used from birth with the optional carrycot (*Est. $190) or with select infant car seats (adapters and car seats sold separately).

Like many European strollers, the Evo lacks a parent console and snack tray for the baby. There are two tethers on the seat that you can attach baby toys to. The under seat storage basket is described by reviewers as huge and easy to access. While some reviewers say that the tilt to the basket makes it possible for things to fall out, others say the tilt makes access easier and is secure if packed carefully.

Feedback on the canopy is mixed. It is not the biggest canopy, but it is adjustable. The two-panel hood can be unzipped revealing a third panel for more coverage and an additional sun shade extends out from the last panel. Still, most parents say this canopy will not offer complete sun coverage. The canopy has an integrated, peekaboo window. Mutsy sells rain covers for both the seat and bassinet.

Customer Service

Longer-than-average warranty. The Mutsy Evo carries a better-than-average two-year warranty. We have not found any complaints about Mutsy customer service.

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