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Quinny Senzz

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August 2012
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Quinny Senzz

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Car seat and bassinet compatible
  • Stands alone when folded
  • Fits in most trunks
  • Fold has a learning curve
  • Small canopy
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The Quinny Senzz is a modular stroller that's compact and lightweight. Praised by experts and owners for its small fold and comfort for larger children, itaccommodates infants only with an optional car seat or bassinet. The Senzz gets high marks for being very maneuverable and easy to use, but basic accessories like a cup holder are extra.


Five-point harness, secure buckle. Although one expert review site gives the Quinny Senzz just an average safety rating, experts and owners say it's very safe, with a secure three-position, five-point padded harness and a buckle that even an older toddler can't undo. Unlike many lightweight strollers, the Senzz won't tip if you hang shopping bags, a purse or a diaper bag on the back -- a wide wheel base keeps it sturdily upright.

Ease of use

Fold has a learning curve, but everything else is intuitive. Called everything from lightweight to umbrella to full-featured, the Senzz is a modular stroller unit more than anything. The basic stroller is a frame, and the seat, canopy, car seat and bassinet snap into it with little fuss. Quinny claims it has a one-handed fold, but most reviewers say you need two hands and it takes a few tries to get it right. The stroller has an automatic lock and, once folded, has two different handles from which to pick it up.

Reviewers say the Senzz is easy to push and maneuvers well even on more rugged terrain. The harness is a cinch to adjust and can be done from the front. The fabric removes for cleaning.

Lifestyle features

Using with infants means an extra purchase. The Quinny Senzz gets plenty of praise for its comfort for older children, but because it doesn't offer a full recline, a car seat or bassinet is preferred for infant use. It accepts the Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat and the Quinny Dreami bassinet, both of which add significantly to the cost of the stroller. It comes with a rain cover, but no cup holders.

With its small, compact fold and relatively light weight, the Senzz not only fits well even in small trunks but is easy to lift in and out, an important consideration for the suburban parent. It also has a standing fold, which is handy on public transportation or for storage.

One unusual feature of the Quinny Senzz is its square handle. While some reviewers don't mind it, others don't like it at all, calling it uncomfortable.

Customer service

Longer than average warranty. Most strollers have a one-year warranty, but the Quinny Senzz comes with a two-year limited warranty. One issue we encountered: The folded sizes of Quinny strollers aren't available online, so we called customer service. After holding for 20 minutes just to make an initial contact, we were placed on hold again, only to be told 10 minutes later that the information wasn't available. We couldn't email Quinny, because that requires a model number and date of manufacture, so you must call to ask pre-purchase questions. We eventually got the information from a PR person, but not everyone has that luxury. It shouldn't be that difficult to obtain basic information about a stroller.

The bottom line

The Quinny Senzz is durable and sturdy, a great stroller for older kids. It's both lightweight and compact, which is rarer than you'd think. We like this as a car-based stroller system for suburban parents, but there are flaws. It lacks a full recline and a cup holder, and could use a larger canopy and better customer service -- all of which make it less than a great buy if you need a stroller to take your child from infancy to childhood.

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Very good Hollie Schultz praises the super-safe buckle of the Quinny Senzz, saying it's impossible for her 4-year-old to undo. She adds that the fold is tricky to learn, and it's a two-handed fold, but the stroller folds very compactly and is easy to carry. She dislikes the square-shaped handle, which she finds uncomfortable.

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Very good In this thorough but not comparative review, StrollerQueen Janet McLaughlin tests the Quinny Senzz with children of different sizes and on the StrollerQueen obstacle course. While the Senzz isn't an off-road stroller, she says it works surprisingly well on more challenging terrain such as grass, mud and wood chips -- the type of surfaces most moms find at playgrounds and parks. She also likes that it's very comfortable for bigger babies. Unlike most reviewers, she doesn't mind the square handle.

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Very good The editors at rate 35 full-featured strollers for ease of use, maneuverability and safety. While the testing is commendable, editors give few written details about the strollers and the report is outdated, with several models having been discontinued. Durability and the reality of long-term, everyday use aren't taken into account.

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Very good There's just a handful of user reviews here, but the Quinny Senzz earns an impressive 5 stars out of 5. Owners call it lightweight and easy to use, although the "one-handed fold" takes two hands until you get the hang of it. The Senzz is praised for being durable and safe for toddlers, and for its attractive, modern styling. The only complaints are that its canopy is small and a cup holder isn't included, but no one took stars off for either.

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