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Tarte Brazilliance

Est. $37 for 5.5 ounces
June 2013
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Tarte Brazilliance

  • Even, natural-looking results
  • Fast color
  • Moisturizing with a pleasant smell
  • Takes a while to apply
  • Color can fade after one shower
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Bottom line

Tarte Brazilliance provides an immediate deep bronzing that fades into a subtle, long-lasting tan. A handful of reviewers don't love the results of the initial application, but a quick shower fixes any unevenness. There are better options for a tanner with natural ingredients and for a subtle, long-lasting tan, so the main reasons to shell out for this one are its short-term bronzing lack of self-tanner scent.


Gives a nice, even tan, but only OK as a bronzer. Tarte Brazilliance is part temporary bronzer, part self-tanner. Expert Paula Begoun says the product provides a temporary, natural-looking bronze until your next shower Many reviewers at agree, saying the initial results will wash off, but most are extremely happy with the final look. Other reviewers, including an editor at, had issues with the initial tint appearing discolored or streaky, but after a shower, the results were far more natural-looking.

Ease of use

Takes time to produce quality results. The application for Tarte Brazilliance can take up to an hour, according to Paula Begoun. The kit comes with an application mitt that is meant to prevent discoloration to hands and help even out the tan. Many reviewers love the mitt and say it's quite easy to use, while others find the mitt cumbersome, and prefer using their hand.

Feel and smell

Moisturizes skin and smells great. Elle Magazine suggests Tarte Brazilliance for people with dry skin, because the thick gel moisturizes well. Some of the contributors at find that there is a bit of an odor, but add that it doesn't last very long, while a traditional self-tanner odor takes hours to dissipate. Nearly all the reviewers commend the product on its moisturizing excellence; but despite the boast of natural ingredients, expert Paula Begoun isn't all that impressed with Tarte's formula.

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Beauty expert Paula Begoun says the thick gel helped promote a solid, even tan and "sets to a believable brown-bronze" without turning skin orange. She gives this product her second-highest rating. The tan only lasts until the next shower, and given that it takes almost an hour to correctly apply, this can be very time-consuming for someone looking for a quick bronzing. The included application mitt helps keeping the gel off hands and the color really looks natural if the instructions are followed closely.

Review: Tarte Brazilliance Self-Tanner & Application Mitt, Paula Begoun, October 18, 2012

2. Elle

The application mitt is a big plus for Tarte Brazilliance because it helps create an even tan without showing the evidence on hands. The thick gel also moisturizes well and is perfect for dry skin.

Review: Get Glowing: 12 Of Our Favorite Self Tanners, Taylor Barringer, May 8, 2013


The editor tested the product on herself using the applicator mitten, and found that the gel became translucent upon application, making it tough to determine where she had applied the product. The result was a streaky, blotchy mess the next morning, but after an exfoliating shower, she found that the color had evened out to look extremely natural on her fair complexion.

Review: Product Smackdown: War Of The Self-Tanners, Editors of, May 10, 2013


Tarte Brazilliance has an average rating just short of a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Most of the more than 100 reviewers love how easy it is to apply, noting that it streaks very little and smells great when applying. Some note that the smell turns a little worse after some time, but that the color can last for a long time even after showering and looks realistic. A few noted that it sometimes washes off too much when showering.

Review: Brazilliance™ Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face and Body Self Tanner, Contributors to, As of June 2013

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